Will Nigerians Read Books On Mobile Phones?

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I am dancing right now. We have two celebs in our midst. One is a senior colleague of mine, Vera or Verastic  and the other is a champion of the reading culture and an author Ofili . They are bringing a kind of opinion poll to us. Happy reading and be sure to answer okay?

Will Nigerians Read Books On Mobile Phones?

Okada BooksThis is a sponsored content from Okadabooks. Please read and respond: would you read books on mobile phones?

The reading culture of Nigerians has been on a steady decline for some time now. The decline can be attributed to many factors from a tough economy to a general lack of reading interest in the younger generation. Some have even gone as far as blaming the poor reading culture on mobile devices.

Now there is a new app called okadabooks that is putting Nigerian books on mobile phones in a bid to get people to read on phones. The app has a diverse collection of books from Nigerian authors and even past WAEC/JAMB questions with answers.

This all sounds like a good idea, but the question is will Nigerians actually read and buy books on their phone and will students actually study with their phones. Check out the app HERE and let us know what you think about it and the Nigerian reading culture in general.
Let us know your 2kobo, abi no be so?


Loooooooooooool. I got excited at the "two celebs" bit, only to find out that I'm one of them. Haha. You sure do know how to make a girl blush and giggle unneccerarily. Thank you for reposting this. Very much appreciated. And Ofili and Okadabooks owe you a big one!

Ha. You are a celeb na. One of the people I read voraciously. Its an honour for me to do this, really and truly. Don't blush too much, I don't want queries from Igwe oh (lol). Ofili, I hope you heard? Pay me oh, osiso.

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I sincerely think that bringing books to mobile phones would make people start reading. If I take myself as a case study, Wikipedia is my good friend :) I can spend hours on that site, reading/researching about topics, people, historical events etc., provided the dumb battery of my "smartphone" permits. ;)

It's become an addiction, one that I can say is positive. Youths today spend more hours starring at their phone screen than any paper book.

So I think it's a step in the right direction, getting dem books on mobiles.

True Lota. I think so too. I have read a number of books on my mobile device, even written one on mine. So I think its a welcome development. It will also force our youth to go back to reading, as it eliminates the bulkiness of paperbacks!!!

i dont think this will work,and if its going to work der will be alot of distractions while reading whatever you reading considering the many applications on the phone,and like earlier stated about the dumb batteries...i bet if u can read 5pages without the battery going off..sebebe

It would definitely work. Now I recently downloaded two ebooks and almost done with reading one of them. Maybe I find it easy to read cos I use a 5incher. If folks are at ease reading books on 7inch tablets (which by the way are phones too), I bet they would read them on.smaller screens.