Pidgin English; A Satire on The Retrogressively Minded Rulers of Africa

Hey guys,

A happy new week. And in the spirit of something new, I unveil a new contributor to our sessions. My favorite part is, he`ll write in Pidgin English too!!! Here`s his piece for today. Happy viewing.

 I go build bridge for una

 But we no get river 

Den I go build dams for una 

No be dat one be our problem now 

Wetin una want make I do den? 
 If we ask make u start wit the beta mind 
The correct motif to serve ur people 
The ginger for change wen go bring beta 
Wen go produce more and more 
Wen go give us d small small tins to live life
 D kyn life wen people wen dey blessed suppose live 

My people, una dey ask comot for track 
We go giv una evritin and plenty more sef 
At least we don dey try dey com abi? 
Especially for d past months befor election dey reach 
We don tidy tins com rush projects full ground 
Make we for fit win una heart 

But why u wan win our hearts for dis 11th hour? 

Bcos we wan give una hope say una matter 

Oh! So we no matter? 

No o! Una no matter as una think 

So why u dey waste ur tym wit us den? 

 Bcos we dey find people wen we go rule and control 
Na d sweetest part of power be dat 
At least we no go fit live forever 
But we fit make our short life be like paradise 

Oh! Which kyn shame be dis? 
Heaven no get space for people like una 

Ha ha ha ha! We no send 
Our paradise na here e start
 U fit wait for ur own dere,we no send at all 
We be very patient people,even as we dey dis world 
So why we no suppose enjoi our fruits for here wen politics tym don reach?
 And leave d ones for d oder life to una wen be masses 

I wish say I no com from dis part of d world 
Bcos all of una, na so so tiff tiff full una belle

E don too late my person, too late 
Maybe for ur next life dat wish fit com true
For now, carry ur cross 
Na una be d masses, na we dey rule 
Na we be d political ruling class.  

By Daniel Omizu-Ojadua
twitter: @dannyomizu

N.B; We dey wait for una comment for the tory box wey dey under. I throway salute!!!!


na so our yeye leaders too dey passmaga for we masses.........yeyenatu dey worry dem pass warri man wey shayo sapele water with paraga.......nyebishi things....second base jare

We re suppose to live like Kings nd Queens but corruption no let us... Anyway God dey nah poor man prayer. .

I love the pidgin English concept. weldone.

Thank you so much dear. Stay tuned, there's more!

God dey oh, sis. And Him go deliver us from que-que people hand.

Chikezie, no be small passmaga; their brain don fry throway.