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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

PROFILE: Meet Verastic!!!!

 Hey dears,
I am more excited than you, honestly. She's a blogging celeb (she will disagree) and I hope to be like her when I grow up; am just 12. Meet Verastic!!!

              IMG_20120913_121527.jpg                                                    603554_10151980473625207_1364790407_n.jpg

VERA: In Her Own Words

 Bio: I was born in Russia – not mistakenly. My parents were there for med school, and they were married.  When we relocated to Nigeria, we lived in Jos, Plateau State. I hear that Jos is no longer what it used to be, not even a shadow of its former self.  I have lived in the United States for most of my life now, and I know that I am in for a rude awakening when I get home. I know that, and I'm looking forward to that --- and some hot suya and cold Fanta.



How una dey today? Hope say body dey inside cloth oh. Our bros Danny don show. Today, na tory from im book im wan knack una. The tory ehn, na helele. We go do am for part, as NOLLYWOOD people dey give us part 1 2 3 for film; that kain thing. Make una siddon wella for chair oh!



KOPITES resident in Nigeria,

Are you interested in belonging to an almost official group in Nigeria? Do you want help becoming a registered LFC fan? Getting your club memorabilia at discounted rates from the club official store? More importantly, belonging to a family of like minds who support a great institution as ours?

If yes, send your Name, No and Location in an email to ekyscorner@gmail.com. Install the Whatsapp application on your phone and that's it.


Good Girls like Bad Guys; Boma Speaks!!!

Here comes Boma (we forgive him for being away). Happy reading. 


If you have seen the movie Hitch by Will Smith, they was a scene where he caught his girlfriend making out with another guy in the back of the guys car and went to knock on the window of the car 'Melissa! Melissa!! What did I do wrong?' He inquired in tears, the guy making out with his girl friend replies 'dude! You are doing it'. What can I infer from that? He was a wuss!

Happy Birthday TINA!!!!

Hey guys,

She goes by the moniker of Tina Spice. She is fun, feisty, firm in her beliefs and convictions: an awesome person. An avid reader of this blog, always has my back. And its her birthday today.

She is not really expecting this and am glad to one-up her (winks).

This one's for you boo. Have an awesome birthday and the rest of your life is even going to be greater. God bless you my darling (I await the champagne of course).


Let's  wish her a happy birthday, okay? See her on twitter @tinaspice.

Friday, July 26, 2013

KOP Corner; Everything Liverpool FC

Oh yes darlings,

I have no intention of offending anyone's sensibilities; just being true to who I am. I have loved this team and everything about it since I was 'a tiny tot'; that's not going to change anytime soon- if ever.

So true to type, this is the only corner where you are going to read news, gossip and transfer rumours on this blog. Yeah, football, LFC transfer rumours & gossip are allowed here (singing Its my party from Problem Child).


My people,

How go dey go? Hope say body tanda gidigba.


I talk say make I hail una small. Una do well for me plenty plenty; and because of this, Baba wey dey for heaven go do for una. Una no go waka miss step; who talk say you no go light stove, no go see kerosene buy for im town (according to Gordon's). Na so so nyafu nyafu things go take dey reach ur hand; you go see your pikin pikin.

Down Memory Lane; CAN YOU STAND THE RAIN???

So its a Fabulous Friday (albeit wet).

How do you do? I am doing great, just chilling because of the rain. I have also been strolling down memory lane; with pictures and songs. #Soliloquy Oh, for the days of Steve Urkel glasses again and ... Never mind, some other time.

Anyway, I came across my personal favourite of all the rainy day songs; Can you stand the rain? It was originally recorded by New Edition in 1988 for their 5th studio album, Heartbreak. Later, an almost equally popular cover was done by Boyz II men for their 'Evolution' album in 1997.
Picture of New Edition  

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Is SEX a Bargaining Chip????

So its another thought inspired Thursday.

Every couple, even those with marriages or relationships made in heaven, have their moments of disagreement. Sometimes, it could get really messy. Some people have been known to turn their backs to 'hubby' or 'wifey' when they reached out for them after 'lights out'; because they were upset. Some have been known to hold out on having sex with their mates, till they get what they want, have their requests met, etc. See images A, B and C below.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Hey guys,

So here`s the English translation of Danny`s write up the other day. Its especially for all you ajebutters who don`t understand pidgin English *winks. Have a great time reading!!!

I will build you bridges

But we have no rivers

Then I will build dams

That's not our priority

What would you have me do then?

How about asking for the right motives,
The willingness to serve,
The eagerness for positive change
Which will engender productivity
And provision of the basics
We truly deserve as a people from a blessed race

My people, you ask amiss
We will give you all that and even more
At least we've been trying, haven't we?
Especially in the few months before the polls
We garnish our tenures with speedy projects
All aimed at winning your hearts

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


P.S. From my archives. I may not be over 30, but I had a good laugh.

If you are 30 or older you will think this is hilarious!!!

When I was a kid, adults used to bore me to tears with their tedious diatribes about how hard things were. When they were growing up; what with walking Twenty-five miles to school every morning.... Uphill... barefoot... BOTH ways
And I remember promising myself that when I grew up, there was no way in hell I was going to lay a bunch of crap like that on my kids about how hard I had it and how easy they've got it!

But now that... I'm over the ripe old age of thirty, I can't help but look around and notice the youth of today.

You've got it so easy! I mean, compared to my child hood, you live in a damn Utopia!

And I hate to say it, but you kids today, you don't know how good you've got it!

I mean, when I was a kid we didn't have The Internet. If we wanted to know something, we had to go to the damn library and look it up ourselves, in the card catalogue!

New Directions

Hi my beautiful people,

So there are going to be a few exciting changes. In case you missed it, we have a pidgin English corner now. It will be hilarious, yet serious at the same time. Hope to read your contributions as always, since we are proudly Nigerian. Its a way of remaining true to our origins and being proudly Nigerian.

There`s more, but we are serving it out bit-by-bit. So, stick around.
Loads of love.


COUPLE TALK; Let`s Talk About SEX!!!!!

Hey there,

So this is more for the married folk (yeah, that`s my own disclaimer). Singles or fellas in a relationship, well you could take notes. Under 18's? You have no business with this one oh, gba oso quickly.

Okay. I was talking to a married aunt who was comparing the differences in our generations, mine and hers. She mentioned that she and her friends were only recently able to discuss their sexual frustrations amongst themselves; it was still difficult to broach the subject, even with her husband. 

Pidgin English; A Satire on The Retrogressively Minded Rulers of Africa

Hey guys,

A happy new week. And in the spirit of something new, I unveil a new contributor to our sessions. My favorite part is, he`ll write in Pidgin English too!!! Here`s his piece for today. Happy viewing.

 I go build bridge for una

 But we no get river 

Den I go build dams for una 

No be dat one be our problem now 

Wetin una want make I do den? 
 If we ask make u start wit the beta mind 
The correct motif to serve ur people 
The ginger for change wen go bring beta 
Wen go produce more and more 
Wen go give us d small small tins to live life
 D kyn life wen people wen dey blessed suppose live 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

No to Under-age Marriage; She`s a Child, Not a Bride!!!

I wonder what was going through the Senators' minds as they voted to allow a girl of any age, as long as she is married, to be considered an adult. Did they remember their daughters. At birth. At 6months in their diapers (or napkins). At 3, running with their pudgy legs to welcome them back from work. At 9/10, going into Secondary/High School. At 16/17, going into the University. I rest here, because at this point, they are ADULT.

So why do they want to take away a girl's right to grow to adulthood before marriage? The spin offs or ripple effect if you will, are enormous. No choice about education, a


 Looking for qualitative University education for your child that`s not in Nigeria as well as not too far? Here is an opportunity for you/your child to study in Ghana. All you require are 6 credits

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Message to the Child Marryers!!!

Dear National Association of Child Marryers,


I wish to congratulate you on having solved all of our pending national issues and the future ones too; in order to justify your 'famous and well thought out bill' enabling a girl of any age to be married. Well-done, sirs and mas. More power to your elbow.

Please be informed that the rest of us will come en-masse to marry your babies/girl children, even the ones unborn (as you have told us that there is nothing wrong with cradle snatching).


Boundaries; Where do we draw a line at Copy-Catting???

Today is Thought inspired Thursday. So, its thinking all the way.

A boundary is defined as ' a limit of a subject or an activity'.


This definition bests suits me this morning and brings me to the crux of today`s discourse. Where will we draw a line at our love, no copy-catting of the West? These days, we do everything foreign. Dress, talk, lifestyle. EVERYTHING. 

Do not get me wrong, I am not anti-progress. I have benefitted from Westernization; case in point, me talking to you via this means. However, we need to draw a line. As we have fast begun to loose our very essence as Africans. A lot of persons my age and younger can not speak their mother tongue. Many people do not know the road to their villages, let alone their history.

Anything home-grown is automatically considered inferior. Whilst I am not playing advocate for the things we should improve upon, this is a misnomer. When did it become okay for our young ladies to keep spilling out of their dresses in the name of fashion? Or to post nude pictures of themselves on social media to gain followership or attract attention? Worse still, we follow them in order to grant them their heart`s desires; only to turn and abuse them. Law of demand and supply again at play.

What happened to good, old fashioned 'home training' that our parents and grandparents tried to teach us? The principle of not 'Sparing the rod, in order not to Spoil the child'? Yet, we keep blaming the government for all our issues. Even the ones we should have the 'good sense' to stop. Or is it true that "THE COMMON SENSE APP IN MOST OF US HAS BEEN DELETED FROM THE HARD DRIVE?"

Let me know your thoughts!!!!

Story: RAPE- The most Horrific Night of My Life!!!


Today`s story has got me in a somber mood. It comes really close to home for, reasons best known to me. However, I will let you come to your conclusions and we`ll share them in the comments box.


U-JAY's TALE; The Most Horrific Night Of My Life 

 Each time I close my eyes i could easily flash back to that night;the most horrific of my life.
It was  few months to my 17th birthday, just fresh out of secondary school six months earlier. Young, beautiful, innocent, naive and with a promising future. The world was at its prime for me and I was just beginning to dream. Am not one to accord myself praise but at that age, I was a sight to behold; tall, slim and with a figure you could call eight, I had long hair, my gait was like those on fashion runways. My Mom used to say that heads turned while I walked. Above all, I was (and still am) a devout catholic who took my faith seriously thanks to my upbringing.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Insight; Big Brother Africa and the Issues

Hello everyone, I trust you had a beautiful weekend. Today's feature is from a guest who is looking at the Big brother Africa experience from a different perspective than most people would. Honestly, I agree with him completely. Read on! 


I am almost peeved as at the time I am writing this. I normally hold an aloof position on such issues. The issue I am concerned with here has to deal with this entertainment concept known as The Big Brother. This is a popular programme made popular in The United Kingdom and some parts of Europe. The funny aspect of the whole issue is that, most of these countries have as a matter of fact, placed this programme into the dustbin. I think, it was recently resurrected again in The United Kingdom. I might be wrong here because I have not really followed this for so many years now. Big Brother is an entertainment module, where people are selected randomly from all spheres and strata of the society and are placed in a closed house where they have no access to television, telephone, newspaper, etc. Infact, it is a hermit kind of a thing if you are lucky to be selected to be in there. It then becomes an affair of intrigues, sex, booze, scheming and all sorts to make sure that, a contestant is the last man standing. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Justice; Did Trayvon get any???

I am in shock, like most of you right now. How can George Zimmerman be let off the hook, just like that? Not even manslaughter; that would have been too kind for him in my opinion. The thought did cross my mind that they got their pound of flesh for O.J. Simpson; but at what cost? The injustice suffered by a little black boy gunned down in cold blood; the indignation and horror his parents will live with for the rest of their lives, knowing that the system let the killer of their son walk away? 

And by the way, why is it that everytime there is a case involving a black killing, the jury is all white? Some justice indeed!!! Rest in peace Trayvon!!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Older Woman, Younger guy; So what? Congrats, Tina Turner!!!


See this lady? Apart from being Beyonce's role model for her performances (I wasn't told, all I had to do was watch them both) , she stands out for me. Sexy. Sassy. Bold. A Fighter. The sexiest legs in the music business. Overcame all sorts of negativity and came out tops by miles!!! She is an icon for me. And today, she`s in the news; getting married to her love of 25years, Erwin Bach.

That takes guts. I mean, she is the more popular of the two; he is a music producer. And get this, he is 57 and she, 75 (supposedly). No offence, but we already have submission and challenge issues between couples where the man is older. Goes to show that age really is just a number to those who believe.

I doff my hat to him too. He must love her dearly. After all, its been so long as she is not as young as she used to be. TRUE LOVE DOES CONQUER ALL.

Congrats Tina and Erwin. May you continue to be happy together!!!


Hullo there,

A fabulous Friday to you and you and me. I am certain all of you (except for a negligible few and I apologize), are getting ready for the weekend. I know I am. 

Part of the things I have lined up are movies. One of them caught my eye and had me
 scrambling to put this down. FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS. The famous or infamous cliche.


Yes, Eky has come again oh. But what do you think? Lots of people my age think its alright to engage/partake in this phenomenon; some others wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole. As always, there are the indifferent and the abstainers from the vote.

Where do you belong??? Let me know and I`ll tell you mine. I am a democrat after all and am open to your opinions as well.

Have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY y`all!!!