Message to the Child Marryers!!!

Dear National Association of Child Marryers,


I wish to congratulate you on having solved all of our pending national issues and the future ones too; in order to justify your 'famous and well thought out bill' enabling a girl of any age to be married. Well-done, sirs and mas. More power to your elbow.

Please be informed that the rest of us will come en-masse to marry your babies/girl children, even the ones unborn (as you have told us that there is nothing wrong with cradle snatching).



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Infact, now I just changed my mind on monogamy. Am marrying 3 wives in the next 10-15 years. And I will make sure to hunt for their children. They obviously do not represent me.

Starting with Yerima oh. Am going to help all my cousins and friends bargain for infant wives from them.

Having had a brush with Yerima in past, i will gladly come deflower him pikins change mind on marriage....useless buffoons

Don't mind them Chikezie. They have finished solving our myriad of problems, thus the cradle snatching of girl children. Ndi ojor!