How una dey today? Hope say body dey inside cloth oh. Our bros Danny don show. Today, na tory from im book im wan knack una. The tory ehn, na helele. We go do am for part, as NOLLYWOOD people dey give us part 1 2 3 for film; that kain thing. Make una siddon wella for chair oh!



My name na Tony and I don dey ask myself so many questions dese days. How I take reach here? How I take cum dey so lucky? See de world for my leg. Imagine! I dey for inside super-first class for one of de world only five-star airline, where I dey go? I just dey go attend meeting wen go last only a few hours for oyibo land. How e take start?

Some months bak, I be just one average nobody. All I get to show for my almost 30 years for dis planet na only my paper certificates, a few pairs of shoes and my few wardrobe. I been no even get babe sef. All of dat cum change the day wen I run into Enokela, my main paddie from secondary school.

The young man dey vie for senate seat. He cum give me appointment for a few days later.

Na dat tym I cum feel like say I dey fly like eagle wen dey sky, I just kno for my heart say better days no far again. I no fit even wait for the next 72 hours to reach.

Thursday, 2pm for afternoon, I reach Enokela gigantic office na im dem usher me inside. Na him get the whole fine building wen dey inside the big man part of Samuel Okparaji Crescent, Asokoro. As I waka enter, I no fit help but feel like say I dey where I no belong to. I cum feel like say nature no try for me, say nature no try at all for everything wen I don fail to becum. Enokela no even make the lowest people for class wen dey drag last position, but here he dey now, the boss for dis beautiful organization.

I wear my best clothes comot for house, but as I stand here I feel like say na rags I wear.  My friend dey real hapi to see me. We greet each oder and I settle kwik kwik into my new environment. He yarn about how I sabi book bak in dose days and cum wonder why tins no work out well for me  afta I leave university, even afta I study Psychology and graduate wit first class honours.

‘Well,’ I reply am, ‘The road no be to who sabi run fastest but to God wen dey show mercy and favour who HE wan favour. Enokela my man, God don favour you wella. The man wen dey upstairs rili lyk u o! I no wan waste ya tym dey yarn go front and bak. I dey here to ask how I fit add value to your company. You know say I be material my friend. Tell me, anytyn wen you want make I do for you, I go do.’

‘Mehn! You no know how man don suffer for dis country? Befor I jam you three days ago, I don dey conclude plans to pack leave Abuja. You know how e hard to cope witout work for dis town? I don find work so tay, my shoe don chop alignment.’

Enokela  just burst laff.

‘Ol’boy, you neva change. Even wit the alarm wen you don go tru, yo no lose your funny self. E gud sha! Well, na part of the reason wen make me ask you to cum see me. I hapi well well wen I run into you the oder day and as soon as I see you, I just conclude say: dis na my campaign manager and publicist.’

‘Wow! Wow, wow, wow!! You mean the tin wen you dey talk so? I go dey more dan honoured to work for you, especially on dis your noble mission wen go cari u enta the hallowed chambers of our country legislature.’

I kno say I fit count on you. I believe say e beta to teach man how to catch fish rada dan to giv am fish. Tony my man, I believe in wetin you go fit do and I know say you no go let me down.’

‘Thank you Kela. Thank you! I no go let you down.’

My people, na so my fortunes take change and beta beta tins cum begin happen as I cum lead Enokela campaign team to evri ward for the three constituencies wen make up im zone.



My people, na here Part 1 for finish. Part 2 go still come. Wetin una think say dey follow? Make una tell us for the tory box wey dey under.

Una fit holla Danny for here and here

I stand attention for una!!! Una too much oh 


Lol abeg oga Danny mk u no break my ribs oo. . D man must mess up some how cause money nah Evil thin.. Nd way man dey surffer he go promise God him life but way money come mouth go change. lol

Na so e dey be oh. When breeze blow, then fowl nyash go open! Well done Jennifer, part two dey come.