Opinion Poll; Will you leave your partner on the grounds of impotence?

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A friend asked me some questions regarding infertility and a relationship not too long ago. Then yesterday, someone I know left her newly wed husband and moved out. They've
been married for 6days and she has just discovered that the man can't get it up. They abstained all through the courtship and he made no mention of it to her. Since the wedding night, he kept looking for excuses not to consummate the marriage; she forced the truth out of him on Thursday night and hasnt quite been able to come to terms with it; thus she moved out.

There have also been cases where when a women doesn't give birth on time, her husband is known to leave her or marry a 2nd woman; even have children outside of wedlock. This could even happen where proper verification is not done; as to if she is indeed infertile/barren (I hate that word, sorry), and is usually as a result of pressure from extended family. 

This has prompted me to ask you on EKYVILLE; will you leave your spouse/lover/partner on the grounds of impotence? Can it be fixed? Please let me hear your views...


IMHO Marriage wasn't made just for making children, it was intended firstly for companionship.Children to me are secondary. I stand corrected

True. Its intended for companionship. And sex is a large part of that for couples. More importantly, this is about impotence and not infertility per se.

He should've bn open with her from the get-go...I'll leave him for lying,and honestly I'll leave him for not being sexually active...companionship,yes...but the sex is the difference between him,and my other freinds

Hmmm, will I leave because she can't have children, NO.
Would I love cos she doesn't like sex, YES!

Baba should have told her about it before hand. It's more a case of ur partner hiding important information from u. Finding this out after marriage meanwhile the partner knew all along is proper grounds to move on...

Marriage without SEX??? Hell to the NO.

I completely understand how you feel.

Ha..... Its not about liking sex now.....its about not being able to have sex....

Exactly, it bothers on deceit. With something this serious, it will take some effort to get it back on track, if at all.

I am literally rolling on the floor. You sure made your point, didn't you? Point taken.