KOP Corner; Our Man Suarez


I know what you are thinking. Its all about him today yeah? Maybe so, but its okay. This is a follow up to my June article Luis Suarez; Stay or Go? 


At the time, I like most LFC fans around the globe and Nigeria no less, were mighty ticked off at his antics. Obviously, LS7 felt his chances of getting UEFA action were slim with Liverpool; and he wanted out. It got to a fever pitch when  he suddenly became the blood Arsenal required for all their dreams to come true. As one of my mates put it, I'll only speak when September 3rd comes.

Its September 21st and our man Suarez is still here. He won my love again during our season opener against Stoke City and Mignolet saved the Charlie Adam penalty and kept us in the lead. Suarez jumped up and pumped his fists so hard. It showed that he still loved the club and him not being on the pitch did not change how he felt. For that expression alone, I forgive him all the wrong doing.


I am thinking about our next math against the Saints (Southampton) and our probable 3points. But I am sooooooooo looking forward to having our No 7 on the pitch again. It's poetic justice that he comes back against the scums on Wednesday, the 25th..... Plus, its my mum's b/day too.

Let's hear some thunder for our very own El Pistolero! Our No 7! Our man Suarez!!!!



Sad he didnt score against United but boy did he make up for it against Sunderland. It's nice to have him back.