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Friday, September 27, 2013

Frivolous Friday Question: Should You Date Your Friend's Ex???

It's a Frivolous Friday today, isn't it? It's raining cats and dogs and as usual, Eky's mind is adrift. How are you all? I trust you have had a wonderful week and are ready to party this weekend. I began my partying during the week though (grins).
Unto the frivolity of today. Should you date your friend's ex?
There is a school of thought which believes that a friend's ex, no matter how long ago, is

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Who would you be in Medieval Times?

I recently saw an adaptation of the Arthurian Legend, MERLIN. I have always been fascinated by those stories, myths and legends; as well as the Greek fables from both Aesop and Odysseus. Fascinating times and tales (we’ll examine them another day). Plus, a certain someone made mention of these times during an interesting and enlightening conversation.


Anyway, it set my mind down the path of imagination; blame it on the days when I was forced to stage make-belief plays with my siblings or by myself, as opposed to going out

HBD Mrs. Bridget Ifeanyichukwu Onwumeh; World's Greatest Mum

Okay, so everyone says so about their mums usually, except under very difficult/extreme circumstances. But this woman right here, takes the cake and the icing too. I may be prejudiced, because she’s me mam, but anyone who knows her, knows that this is one of the few ‘SPECIAL ONES’ that have trod on the planet.

  Mama mia!!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sponsored; Golfers, this one's for you!!!!!

So you love the sport golf. Or maybe its just their Tees you fancy (I do too. I think Tiger Woods does them justice). if you do, its your lucky day. 

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Opinion Poll; Will you leave your partner on the grounds of impotence?

Hullo my loves,
A wonderful Saturday is what I wish each and everyone of you. I trust your weekend has been awesome so far. Mine has been a little bit of everything. 


A friend asked me some questions regarding infertility and a relationship not too long ago. Then yesterday, someone I know left her newly wed husband and moved out. They've

KOP Corner; Our Man Suarez


I know what you are thinking. Its all about him today yeah? Maybe so, but its okay. This is a follow up to my June article Luis Suarez; Stay or Go? 


KOP Corner- Soji speaks; Why Suarez must stay

   Hi Red family,

Been a minute and then some. I have missed you, but kept a close eye on the ongoings. So we have a new contributor on the corner. He's as passionate as you all are, and his opinions make a lot of sense. We don't always agree, but that's the fun in it. Soji speaks to you all today about our man SUAREZ. Happy reading!!!

Soji Speaks; 

Since Suarez's 10 match ban began, Liverpool's record has been:

Thursday, September 12, 2013



Hullo my darlings,

Its another thought inspired Thursday. So we all have parents, have had parents, are parents, intend to be parents. We all definitely fall into at least one or more of these categories.  For the orphaned, my sincere condolences. Your parents will always be a part of you; they live on in you. Please wipe your tears (Cheng I remember you specially).

Friday, September 06, 2013

Will you go clubbing with your Partner/Spouse?


Do you remember the scene in Titanic where Jack takes Rose dancing after their boring 'upper room dinner'? That scene has stayed with me ever since I saw that movie. I remember her laughing, free of all pretense and having fun like she had never done before in her life with 'El-Stiffo of a fiance' (at least, that's what we were made to believe).

Relationships and the age dynamic!!!


More often than not, the age dynamic is beginning to crop up in relationships. It is becoming more fashionable, shall I say acceptable even in Africa and particularly Nigeria,

Artist of the day; Nickelback

So its a rock music weekend. Particularly, a throwback to the old days. I'm home with my sister and we recently discovered an old stash of CDs. So its reminiscing all the way. Don't tell her I said so, but my ear drums are stinging from all her Nicki Minaj listening and Glee watching........shhhhhhh!!!!
I found over 20CDs that had a Nickelback or 2 song in them. Boy, did and do I love this group. The lead singer/guitarist, Chad Kroeger's voice crawls over your skin

Want a Cake? Here's Creammy Cakes by Jenny!!!!

Do you have an occasion coming and want a cake to celebrate with? Creammy cakes by Jenny will take care of you more than adequately. They are a beauty to behold (just like the owner) and scrumptious to taste too. Contact Jenny on 08033475010, on BBM;28FCF9F0 and/or email creamycakes13@yahoo.com

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Re; DEAR BETTER HALF- By Ekenedilichukwu Shirley Onwumeh

Hi my loves. Happy TGIF. A friend sent me a dear spouse letter and in typical Eky fashion, I wrote my own version. Its funny but has some truths and some, well regular-girl mentality stuff. Happy reading!!!


My dear other half, 

I begin by addressing you with your proper title. There may be many better halves out there; there is only one other half for me- YOU. I am glad to have this conversation with you. It sets the tone for a wonderful lifetime ahead of us: we can refer to this conversation as our own styled pre-nuptial agreement. It's our own style because it has nothing to do with money (please note, that I will take your money though: it's mine by right, or so they tell us these days). 

Naija REDS; Happy Birthday Kolo


He's one of us. He's an extrovert, sanguine, quite brilliant, highly opinionated, nice and extremely passionate about football, Liverpool FC. This is our swan song for one of ours.

Mujib - Happy birthday to one die hard red who's unending passion for the club is unnerving, relentless and inspiring".
May your days be longer and may the good Lord continue to bless you in Jesus name!!