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Friday, June 28, 2013

Reacting to an Uncivil Tongue

Happy weekend people. This is a sequel to Keeping a Civil Tongue. Happy reading!!!

So him and her are having an argument; she says some particularly horrible things. Then, in mid-sentence, he pulls her closer and kisses her. They move unto other things, end of quarrel. Life is beautiful, right?

Wrong. That happens mostly only in movies, a la "One Tree Hill". Usually, the instinctive thing is to tell her back even more hurtful things, just to get her to put a lid on it. IT being her mouth.


Let us paint another picture. Imagine for instance, that an unknown lady walks up to you and rubs in the face the fact that she is having a 'thing' with your spouse/boyfriend/fiance/partner. Ladies, you know what comes to your mind right? Let me deal with this upstart, right here; tell her the history of her forefathers. (Una know now). We all get that one minute of mad thoughts, possible scenarios.


However, what good will it do on the long run? You get the temporal gratification of running your mouth loose and lose your sense of self respect, at the very least. Worse still, it could degenerate into fisticuffs; am sure the images of some of our 'HONORABLE MEMBERS' quarreling and being bodily removed from the 'HOUSE' is still with some of us. It remains with me, to this day.

Thus, the next time we are tempted to give anyone who has had the misfortune of being uncivil to us, a taste of their own medicine, let us be the bigger person and walk away. You will receive the rewards later, both from self and others.

Have a fabulous Friday, and no quarrels, okay? Cheers.

Little Kehinde shares a story

Hi everyone,

Find below a story written by JMAD, a blogger who is passionate about using New Media to do good. Kindly do what you can, and most importantly, spread the word. Thank you.


Little Kehinde shares a story.

soft copy on phone
That’s me and Taye in Aunty Alaba’s hands. May God bless those hands.
My name is Kehinde Olaniyi, but you can call me Keny: I was born three weeks ago with my twin Taye. Mummy says I have Multiple Congenital Anomalies (MCA).  I don’t know what it means, but Aunty JMAD will explain it better to you.
MCA is a condition which is present at the time of birth with two or more unrelated major structural malformations, that can’t be explained by a syndrome or sequence. In Keny’s case he has the following;
  • Hernia: – This is the protrusion of an organ through the wall of the cavity that normally contains it.
  • Cryptorchidism: – This is also known as undescended testicles. As a boy grows inside his mother’s womb, his testicles form inside his abdomen and moves down (descend) into the scrotum shortly before birth but in this case Keny’s testicle is outside the scrotum. If it’s not treated may become damaged which could affect fertility or lead to other medical problems.
  • No Gluteal Cleft: – This simply means he doesn’t have a “butt crack”, this is the groove between the buttocks.
  • Scoliosis: – This is a condition in which a person’s spine is curved from side to side. If viewed from the rear may look like an S or C instead of a straight line. This could lead to putting lots of pressure on the heart, restriction of physical activities.
  • Skin rashes
  • Weighs 1.54kg. Some other test will be out soon.
I’ve chosen to be strong for his sake. Through a network of friends, I got in contact with the lady championing this cause. Her name is Alaba Olukotun (Taniz Makeover). She’s a corper serving in Abuja; Kenny’s father is her Cab man. This is what she said “When I saw the baby, I couldn’t stand it; tears rolled down my face like a baby, and I decided, that I can’t just watch him grow like that”. She went further to take pictures with Keny to prove her genuineness. She goes to the hospital all the time with his mother; she’s not so conversant with English language.
We may never meet Keny in our lives here on earth but we can collectively do something that will touch him irrespective of our current locations. The doctors have recommended a surgery that will cost over two million naira (N2, 000,000.00).
She opened an account for him. Here’s the bank detail: -
Bank Name – First Bank Plc.
Branch – Utako, Abuja.
Acct. Name – Kehinde Olaniyi
Acct. No. – 3071759501
You may not afford the entire sum but whatever it is, however little , will go a long way. We’ve been given a voice that yields actions, to help those who have no voice at all. By God’s grace Kenny will live. I’m hopeful, we all should be.  I’m already looking forward to writing a post on his recovery. Please remember all that was said in my previous post at: http://jmadreflects.wordpress.com/2013/05/15/fast-lane/
Don’t say “It is well”, when you have the required help in your hands.
May God richly reward you, as you sow a seed of kindness in Kenny’s life.
You can contact me for more information or Alaba Olukotun on this number +234-8060-524-722. Please spread the story, reblog, broadcast on BB.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013



So I somehow forgot to post this on father`s day. but better late than never.

I celebrate you today and always, Ogbuenyi Ezediunor Emmanuel Onwumeh. Too often, you are pushed to the background. Not today.

You it was who brought me to this world, using mummy as the vessel. I still have some of the gifts from my 1st birthday; my Musical Youth & Lionel Richie 'All Night Long' tapes that you got for me; having realised I had fallen in love with music just like you. I still remember you waking up the neighbours on Saturdays with the turntable, The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding and the Temptations, Peter tosh, Bob Marley and the wailers, Osadebe, Oriental brothers, Earl Klugh, Hot Chocolate, Shalarma, Louis Armstrong, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Donna Summer, Candice Staton, Patti Boulaye, Diana Ross and a host of others.

We dreaded you when we were younger; now, I know for a fact that your bark is worse than your bite. You exemplify the words kindness and generousity. You literally gave the last shirt on your back for others: each and all comers were welcome and still are.

You are an inspiration to me and my sisters; we got our love of literature and books, music and dancing, the UNREPENTANT love of football and LIVERPOOL FC from you. I watched THE LIVERPOOL STORY, with King Kenny, the man Barnes, Ian Rush, John Aldridge, Peter Beardsley with you as a teeny, weeny, gangly (yes, back then, you thought I`d be tall) child and that transferred your love of the club and town to me. I still remember UEFA champions league final of 2005, we watched history being made together. Little Chukwudalu is already a baller and Kopite too, thanks to you.

You probably don't realize how your own brand of 'pep talks' are enshrined in our hearts. We have not always gotten along; but I know you will always be there when I need you. I pray the lord keep you; there is so much we are yet to do together. Keep being the father you are to us and everyone.

This one's for you daddy. Dumebi Jennifer Eze-Okwundu, Isioma Rachel Onwumeh, Ifechukwude Magdalene Onwumeh, your grandkids and I salute you. HAPPY FATHER's DAY!!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

LUIS SUAREZ; Stay or Go???

So this time, am talking to a select few; call them the elite football lovers and you won't be far wrong. Yes, I meant the Kopites, Reds, Scousehearts, Liverpudlians, fans of LIVERPOOL FC all around the world (YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE). I also realize that am inviting a mini world war3 by my comments: and my response in advance is, BRING IT ON!!!

So, in the last two weeks or more, LFC fans the world have watched with growing trepidation and dismay, the drama surrounding the supposed exit of our boy wonder upfront, Luis Suarez to Real Madrid. I say supposed because there are yet to be any official statements issued to that effect. In typical KOP fashion, fans all over the world have passionately had their say. Opinions have been ventured and if the arguments in my chat group are anything to go by, I daresay voices have been raised.

Here's my 2cents on the matter; Luis Suarez is a world class striker with an excellent work rate. Like most geniuses, he has an attitude problem. He has even been treated unfairly by the English press during the 'racism issue': unfortunately, he set himself up as fodder for them with the unfortunate 'biting saga'. The press of course, went 'manic' with the issue.

What I don't understand is Suarez still setting himself up for his 'nemesis, THE PRESS' again; during the off season. It would have paid him better to watch his utterances, even if he truly desires to leave; work out his issues with the coach and the LFC management, then speak up, after the fact. Instead, he has drawn the ire of fans all over the world (who feel a huge sense of betrayal, especially after supporting him staunchly throughout his ordeals).

Whether anyone else agrees or not, LFC is a better side with him- Suarez in  it. And with the fortifications Brendan Rodgers is looking to make, he has a chance to make history and set the KOP back on the path to its winning ways and glory days. If he chooses to stay, that is. I know that us fans, including those screaming 'hell and high water', will welcome him back into the pride of place in all our hearts. If he chooses to leave, oh well. The club will adjust to life without Suarez. John Barnes summed it up perfectly in his admonishing 'love the club, not the players'.

I would go for the option of locking his teeth for a period, if he were to stay. For two reasons; to avoid anymore 'MISUNDERSTOOD COMMENTS'. The second one? Its a little too obvious, isn't it (chuckling)?

My fellow elites, let's hear your views.

P.S. To the others (am trying to be politically correct), whatever you say, we know you want him on your side, in spite of the antics you pretend to condemn, okay?


Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Ututu oma nu!

That's my lame attempt at welcoming you all to today's hangout session; I know one person in particular, who is going to be pleased. I trust you all had beautiful night. Mine was just peachy.

Okay. Let's delve straight into the matter at hand. I recently heard a quote that threw me off balance for a while; moreso, after I asked some friends and they confirmed it to be true. 'The best way to get over someone, is to get under somebody else'.  It still punches me in the gut to see it in black and white. In the words of one of my best friends, 'works like a charm everytime'.

I am of a different school of thought though. I mean, stop and think about it for a minute. Usually, ending a relationship leaves one, if not both parties sad (excepting the Maurices of this world, of course). Depending on your nature, you take some time and some measures to grieve 'if you will'. Some coping mechanisms include but are not limted to drinking, crying, seeking counsel from friends and loved ones (my friend Nahmdee refers to this as brainwashing), retreating into hermit mode, partying, praying that the ex comes back to his/her senses, stalking, etc. Yes, stalking. I was as amazed as you are too.

Imagine now using a new relationship to get over the old one. Gosh!!! That will be too much drama. Not unless you both are going to sign a contract with terms and conditions. Even then, there are no guarantees. Supposing one of the parties defaults the T&Cs, say falls in love with his/her grieving partner. You see what I see right?

And for those of you who will argue that it's just for the sex, you can't be humping around 24 hours a day, can you? There might be some who can, (grinning).

Just some food for thought this beautiful mid-week. If you agree or not, let me know in the box below, okay? Am waiting.

Hugs and more hugs!!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Keeping A Civil Tongue

Many a time, we are confronted with situations that are provoking, frustrating and annoying. These scenarios could play themselves out in the work place, school, at home, with our friends while hanging out, at the market; virtually anywhere. Usually it starts out as a discussion and before you can say Jack Robinson, degenerates into an argument between you and a boss, colleague, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, acquaintances/friends, siblings, employee, grocer, cobbler; anyone at all.

If we took the time to examine the reason for these arguments, one reason only would surface: an UNCIVIL TONGUE. A careless phrase, an unguarded insult, statements dripping with sarcasm; you name it, is what you will find behind most altercations. They usually leave you with a bitter aftertaste in your mouth and more importantly, with a 'what-just-happened?' feeling. This is because, you discover that it could have been avoided by being civil.

Being polite does not cost a thing. On the other hand, it can avert a lot of 'Man-Made Disasters'. Ladies, we will do well to remember this. Of course, we are not the only culprits; there are a number of guys who can give us a run for our money, *smiling*. Whatever the case let us learn to bridle our tongues when expressing differences in opinion. In another episode, we'll examine the position of the reactors. Until then, keep a civil tongue always.

Remember, that words once spoken can NEVER be taken back.

My First Job Interview

I had just finished my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Arigidi, Akoko North LGA of Ondo State; at the time, I could not wait to move on as it had been a wasted year (but for the friends made). There was no retention waiting in the wings by a bank or an oil servicing firm: I taught in a village school, the only worthwhile/memorable things I did were working in the camp radio and then working with the Editorial Board for our ONDOKOPA magazine. So, it was time (in my opinion), to get my hustle on.
After all the applications to most choice banks and multinational firms in Lagos, came the invitations to be

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Dear Diary,

So, I decided to do it the old fashioned way today: pretend like no one is going to see this and just pour my heart out.

Its been over 9weeks since I got the tacky sms. He didn't even have the decency to say the words to my face. Not even a phone call. 'My feelings for u are non-existent at this point. Let's be friends.' With those words, I saw the last 2years come crashing before my eyes.

The promises: fun times: efforts made to keep the boat of the relationship between Maurice and me sailing. First, I had a crying fest for 3days straight - yeah, Town Crier; so what? Then the self doubt/what ifs crept in; maybe if I had put on a little weight; perhaps, I should have dumbened myself a little, or pretended to hate football. All manners of self depreciating thoughts crawled through my mind.

Suddenly, I became mad. Like, completely and out of my mind type of anger. Why did he have to do it to me, of all people? All I had ever done was love him, or so I thought. Its a good thing I didn't set my eyes on him at that time. Maybe, I would be doing time in a prison facility somewhere.

After that came resignation. It is indeed over. I have sent him his stuff that were lying about my small house. Put away his, no, our pictures. I am now at the point where I want to seek adventure and maybe, become a little reckless. do the things I have never done that make me a regular Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes. Look out world.

P.S. To the next Maurice, you might just pay a little for your predecessors misdemeanours. Take note.


Note; hi beautiful readers. Please address your input to Chinny. Happy new month everyone. Hugs!!!!!