Ututu oma nu!

That's my lame attempt at welcoming you all to today's hangout session; I know one person in particular, who is going to be pleased. I trust you all had beautiful night. Mine was just peachy.

Okay. Let's delve straight into the matter at hand. I recently heard a quote that threw me off balance for a while; moreso, after I asked some friends and they confirmed it to be true. 'The best way to get over someone, is to get under somebody else'.  It still punches me in the gut to see it in black and white. In the words of one of my best friends, 'works like a charm everytime'.

I am of a different school of thought though. I mean, stop and think about it for a minute. Usually, ending a relationship leaves one, if not both parties sad (excepting the Maurices of this world, of course). Depending on your nature, you take some time and some measures to grieve 'if you will'. Some coping mechanisms include but are not limted to drinking, crying, seeking counsel from friends and loved ones (my friend Nahmdee refers to this as brainwashing), retreating into hermit mode, partying, praying that the ex comes back to his/her senses, stalking, etc. Yes, stalking. I was as amazed as you are too.

Imagine now using a new relationship to get over the old one. Gosh!!! That will be too much drama. Not unless you both are going to sign a contract with terms and conditions. Even then, there are no guarantees. Supposing one of the parties defaults the T&Cs, say falls in love with his/her grieving partner. You see what I see right?

And for those of you who will argue that it's just for the sex, you can't be humping around 24 hours a day, can you? There might be some who can, (grinning).

Just some food for thought this beautiful mid-week. If you agree or not, let me know in the box below, okay? Am waiting.

Hugs and more hugs!!!


Yayyyyyyyy, my creative boss passed by today. Thanks dear.

There's an iota of truth that to get over someone, you get in bed with another, not necessarily under them. Hasn't worked a bit for me, other than relieving the stress that comes from below the belt.

Otherwise, it's a good route, especially if you have the sex doled in good measure, and in steady routine too. You can also solicit, (the opposite sex next door, one night stands, gang-bangs, etc). Poetry does it for me. I attempt to strangulate them, or adulate them to the height of unbelief in words, in lines, and then go out. Read a new book (especially if they are around relationship, personal building, etc).

But again, it depends on the person. There's no single diagnosis for two persons. What works for me, might not work fine for you. Moreso, that sex passes as just another form of exercise for some people, and a sacred act to others.

Remember, that "troubles never singly come".

Works like magic.

Life's too short to be grieving cos of one person. Even those in relationships have side chics/boys to bring in sanity.

Just my 2 Kobo.

Bros u be Pro you just said it all, no further comment. What might work for Taiwo mightn't work for Kenny...