Keeping A Civil Tongue

Many a time, we are confronted with situations that are provoking, frustrating and annoying. These scenarios could play themselves out in the work place, school, at home, with our friends while hanging out, at the market; virtually anywhere. Usually it starts out as a discussion and before you can say Jack Robinson, degenerates into an argument between you and a boss, colleague, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, acquaintances/friends, siblings, employee, grocer, cobbler; anyone at all.

If we took the time to examine the reason for these arguments, one reason only would surface: an UNCIVIL TONGUE. A careless phrase, an unguarded insult, statements dripping with sarcasm; you name it, is what you will find behind most altercations. They usually leave you with a bitter aftertaste in your mouth and more importantly, with a 'what-just-happened?' feeling. This is because, you discover that it could have been avoided by being civil.

Being polite does not cost a thing. On the other hand, it can avert a lot of 'Man-Made Disasters'. Ladies, we will do well to remember this. Of course, we are not the only culprits; there are a number of guys who can give us a run for our money, *smiling*. Whatever the case let us learn to bridle our tongues when expressing differences in opinion. In another episode, we'll examine the position of the reactors. Until then, keep a civil tongue always.

Remember, that words once spoken can NEVER be taken back.


GReat advice for aspiring leaders and those in position of leadership. Infact, this should be a code of conduct for people aspiring to be successful in whatever they are doing.


Uncle Olu is here. Thanks for your comments, I happen to agree. Someone should get it passed as a law. And pay me of course. Lol

While i know you are joking sha... About the payment for your service to your fatherland... Nice lovely piece