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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Artist of the day; JOSH GROBAN!!!

Hello my loves. How have you been? Its been pouring endlessly since yesterday and rainy days are usually music days. So I was recently re-introduced to classical music by a friend of mine (bless his heart), and I have been voraciously listening to Josh. His voice is like the waves of the sea, particularly in the classical 'Alla Luce Del Sole'. It amazed me to no great end, that an American like him sounded like he had spoken Italian all his life; especially as I saw him in a scene on the TV series 'Glee'. Remember the movie Troy? The entire soundtrack is one song, and its Josh's. (now am just showing off the information Obinna shared with me; bite me)

Monday, August 26, 2013

KOP Corner; MELBOURNE- 95,000; Only LFC can do this!!!


Yeah, she's back again.

So I have been particularly optimistic that the time for LFC to reclaim its glory days are upon us. Last season, a couple of persons laughed like crazy when I said that. But since the summer, the happenings have reinforced my belief; that its the upward curve of the graph for us.

Senator Ahmed Yerima; Should he be allowed to walk free???

 So like most of you, I caught up with this man's interview on Channels Television yesterday night ( click here and here to view, if you missed it). I was particular, because I was expecting hear him declare the brand of 'goof' - better known as 'MARIJUANA' he was smoking to defend his marriage to a 13 year old.


Instead, the guy goes on to say that 'Islamic Laws allow you to Marry Once you Attain Puberty'. By implication, a 7 year old girl who begins to see her period is eligible to marry.

I know that some will say that the Senate's bill that sparked the #ChildNotBride issue was not about underage marriage, but am forced to ask again, should he be allowed to roam the streets free? I think he is need of a psychiatric evaluation (just my humble opinion).

Let me know your thoughts.

Life; What is Really Important by Soji Adeyeri!!!

Hey guys,

So I thought to share this piece by Soji Adeyeri, a wisdom coach and a friend. It has been quite beneficial to me and i think it will be to you as well. Happy reading.

Alas money and substance is vitally important to poor people for a relationship to work!


Annyone who knows me knows that I am all about my music. Whatever kind be it secular or gospel, I believe in good music. I am especially a fan of hip-hop. So I got interested in the persona known as XL2LETTERS (at least that's how he's known to me). 

I listened to the 1st single, I need a Saviour (a cover of Eminem n Dre's 'I need a doctor') and I was blown away. Thus, here he is, with the story of the mix-tape. Meet XL everyone.

LFC; 2005 UCL Final in Istanbul; Where were you and what did you do when we won?

Hullo my fellow REDS,


I recently came across a video compilation on Youtube, of that glorious day in LFC history. That scintillating match; where we came from 3 goals down in the first half, to equalizing within the 1st 6minutes of the 2nd half. And going to the last penalty kick by

PROFILE; Meet OhLuWaMaYoWa!!!!

I came across this young woman on social media and decided I wanted to get to know her. She has a brilliant mind, is quite humourous and her tweets set you thinking most of the time. She also loves God and believes in giving back to society. Here`s Mayowa Ogundele in her own words.


WENTWORTH MILLER; The Calm After The Storm

Hullo my beloved darlings, I trust you had a beautiful weekend. I have missed you all so dearly; had to take a hiatus to sort out a few pressing matters. But we are back now, and it’s time to hit the ground running.
A lot has happened in between the time we spent together. I recall with sadness learning about the star of the popular ‘jail-break/on-the-run’ series (PRISON BREAK), clarifying the issue of his sexual preferences via a letter to the organizers of a film festival. Oh my, I mourned the loss of a dream.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

PIDGIN; Itohan- Boys of Nowadays!!!

Country people, how una dey? Hope say go dey go. Itohan don come again oh. She get tory for una. Make una take this one cool body  as una come from church.


Boys of nowadays no go cease to amaze me wit their toasting styles. Na everywhere wen u see girl u go toast am? Abi u no kno say the environment

Monday, August 12, 2013

Maths; Woman + Sexual Frustrations = Nagging Wife!!!

Okay, this was part of my discourse with a wisdom coach recently and I thought to share; since he said it was an eye opener. Happy reading!!!


Until recently particularly in Nigeria and with the Easterners, a woman discussing sexual issues with anyone was practically unthinkable. Most times, it still is. I have taken a poll once as a student and found that most wives couldn't and still cannot discuss their sexual frustrations with their husbands. Thus they found other outlets and due to our nature as women, nagging becomes a favorite one.


I was playing the song from the QUEEN herself,(click here to view)  this morning. Little did I know that it would set the tone for this message.

I am appalled at some of the things that go on in our society on a day-to-day basis. Young people seem to no longer have respect for the elderly; which is an absolute MISNOMER.


OROBO vs LEPA; What's your Team???

Hello my lovelies,

I trust you had a swell holiday while missing me of course. I did miss you, as much as you did me...

Okay, away with the mushy stuff, there is serious business to be discussed today (You just looked at the Header and laughed to yourself, abi?) But trust me, it is serious oh.

  as opposed to     

Tuesday, August 06, 2013


My people, how una dey? We don show wit anoder contributor o! Her name na Itohan. She go dey join our broda Daniel dey trowey tori on top our Pidgin English Corner. Make una enjoy the one wen she drop today. The tori na prose wen she write for woman  wen her man offend wel wel! Make una enjoi.



As I look back to the tym wen don pass, I just dey wonder how the rope wen hold us togeda take cut. Weda na the fact say you com dey too controlling? Abi na me com dey tolerate too much? Now, all dat one don pass. I no even send again.

We been get very strong love. We been get plans to old togeda. We been get dream to start family after our long honeymoon wen last three years. But now,  just three years into our marriage, we don dey  the edge of packing up. How you take let dis kind tin happen?

Monday, August 05, 2013

KOP Corner; Latest News!!!



Am back again. Did you miss me? I sure missed you all. For those of you who haven't had the chance to catch up, see the latest news links below.

Gerrard to supporters; You've made a big difference 

Two more friendlies live online 

Saturday, August 03, 2013

August; Month for visitors?????

 Happy new month my lovely people. Better late than never, the month`s only into the 3rd day. So, its still appropriate.

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Introducing NeedsHub!!!!!

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