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Monday, August 26, 2013

PROFILE; Meet OhLuWaMaYoWa!!!!

I came across this young woman on social media and decided I wanted to get to know her. She has a brilliant mind, is quite humourous and her tweets set you thinking most of the time. She also loves God and believes in giving back to society. Here`s Mayowa Ogundele in her own words.


Mayowa Ogundele is a young and ambitious lady who was born and bred in Lagos.
I spent my early years in Papa Ajao, Mushin, Lagos and I can say that I had a very interesting childhood.
Studied mass communication at the Redeemer's University. I was actively involved in student politics and social events and church avticities. I can say I was (and still am) a well rounded person.
I stumbled into blogging and social media which eventually became my ticket to my dream company, Channels TV.
That is just a phase of my career; there's a lot in the kitty.
Life, for me, isn't worth living if it's not for a specific purpose which is what birthed a charity initiative called #projectddd.
My greatest inspiration is the breath of life given by God. I wake up day thinking of ways to add meaning to life (humanity).
Challenges will surely come but with God as my anchor, victory is certain.
I look forward to a great future but it won't happen if I do not take tiny but great steps on a daily basis. Greatest doesn't happen overnight!
To the youth, I think it's high time we ask ourselves what we are living for. A (wo)man with a purpose in life is a (wo)man to be reckoned with.
I see so many young people with  almost zero ambition, discipline and drive. That's a No-No!
Aspire to greatness, dream big, be diligent,  be a person of integrity.
Make a difference,  change your world. Be the change the world needs.

  Connect with Mayowa on twitter @Ohluwamayowa | Facebook/Google+  Mayowa Ogundele |  Instagram/keek: ohluwamayowa 

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