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Monday, August 26, 2013

WENTWORTH MILLER; The Calm After The Storm

Hullo my beloved darlings, I trust you had a beautiful weekend. I have missed you all so dearly; had to take a hiatus to sort out a few pressing matters. But we are back now, and it’s time to hit the ground running.
A lot has happened in between the time we spent together. I recall with sadness learning about the star of the popular ‘jail-break/on-the-run’ series (PRISON BREAK), clarifying the issue of his sexual preferences via a letter to the organizers of a film festival. Oh my, I mourned the loss of a dream.


Do you remember WENTWORTH MILLER? Guess you know him better as MICHAEL SCOFIELD, Linc’s brother and Sara Tancredi’s boyfriend from Prison Break. Michael of the blue eyes, smart engineer who committed a robbery so he could get into prison and free his brother. Brilliant Michael, who tattooed a prison plan all over his body. Family oriented Michael, who left messages with the ‘origami paper symbols’. Michael, who died after saving Sara and his brother. Okay Eky, get a grip lady.

I went down memory lane there, because I as well as many millions of ladies all over the globe had a huge crush on the character ‘Michael’; and by extension, Wentworth himself. My own crush grew when I learnt he was English (their accent is a huge turn on. Story for another day, move on fellas). Let me say though that it was the ideals he represented that got everyone dreaming of replacing Sara Tancredi in his arms. Eyin boys, cool down. Your girlfriends are entitled to fantasize just as much as you do...

Imagine then, how many hearts have been broken by the announcement that he is gay. I am not getting preachy about why should he be gay or taking a moral high ground. It is his decision, his choice. I just mourn the loss of a dream. Adios, my origami dropping love. Farewell!



  1. awwww dear!i know how u feel...

  2. I never would have thought he is/was gay. But, I would be lying if I say I wasn't surprised by the realization of his sexual preference. However, I guess that's his path, and it's for us all to bear the consequences(good or bad) of whatever path we choose.

    He's still the same Wenthworth Miller(Michael Scofield) I fell in love with in Prison Break, though.

  3. still love him no matter wat..my fav