Senator Ahmed Yerima; Should he be allowed to walk free???

 So like most of you, I caught up with this man's interview on Channels Television yesterday night ( click here and here to view, if you missed it). I was particular, because I was expecting hear him declare the brand of 'goof' - better known as 'MARIJUANA' he was smoking to defend his marriage to a 13 year old.


Instead, the guy goes on to say that 'Islamic Laws allow you to Marry Once you Attain Puberty'. By implication, a 7 year old girl who begins to see her period is eligible to marry.

I know that some will say that the Senate's bill that sparked the #ChildNotBride issue was not about underage marriage, but am forced to ask again, should he be allowed to roam the streets free? I think he is need of a psychiatric evaluation (just my humble opinion).

Let me know your thoughts.