PIDGIN; Itohan- Boys of Nowadays!!!

Country people, how una dey? Hope say go dey go. Itohan don come again oh. She get tory for una. Make una take this one cool body  as una come from church.


Boys of nowadays no go cease to amaze me wit their toasting styles. Na everywhere wen u see girl u go toast am? Abi u no kno say the environment
and the mood to join to determine weda u suppose toast the babe or not? Na so I dey inside bus for Lagos the other day dey go CMS from Maryland, na im dis young lad wen siddon near me begin toast dis fine girl wen siddon near am. First of all, if u be the girl, how u wan take gree for boy wen follo u enter danfo. Yet u cum dey slang, dey form phoneh dey giv the babe. 

My people, una suppose know Wetin happen next na. The girl just dey giv the hobo strait one syllable answer, yes and no. Wen she don tire for am, na im she wear earphone begin play musik. Fine boy cum dey so embarrassed na im e mind im bizness till we reach last bus stop. Wen u go party for instance, u cum see fine sisi, dat kain environment no bad to waka go meet her and chat wit her collect number. I be woman so I kno Wetin I dey yarn. If I dey inside Market for instance, den one bono waka cum meet me dey toast me, I fit no even answer am sef. Several correct places dey wen u fit toast woman and I sure una wen be bobos kno. 

I remember one tori wen I hear years back how one fine bobo dey toast dis equally fine girl follo road. The girl dey tell am softly say she no want, yet.the guy still dey press. As dem waka reach where people plenty na im she shout for the guy head say 'I no want. I no want. Na by force?' She think say she don embarrass the boy and him go kawa. As a sharp guy wen the bobo be, na so he just reply her 'I no go leave you, I no go leave you until you giv your life to Jesus Christ.' Una fit imagine how the Mata take end. People begin halal the babe say weda she be devil? Imagine fine boi like dis dey preach giv you, you no want. Hahahaha!! If to say dem kno the real truth. The girl hide face shame run go. 

Itohan Njeri 

This geh don use laff finish my belle oh. Wetin una think?


Honestly,some guys wahala ten much!!!! Even fo' night vigil...dem dey toast!! sef don taya!!!