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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Men are Confused

This piece is from a guest writer, Boma Dokubo. He is a guy, so am particularly interested in reading from the guys on this. Happy reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Onyeka, good company, funny, witty and intelligent. Met her on a saturday at the ATM, as usual there was a queue. While she laughed on the phone, i noticed she had dimples, so i asked her "please can i have one of your dimples?" she laughed and replied "how much are you willing to pay for it?". Well the rest is history cos myself and Onyeka speak and chat on the phone on a daily basis. She just finished her National Youth Service and presently waiting for a job. I should get serious with her but...

Thats, Yemi! Full figure, shaped like a coke bottle. Open the dictionary and check figure 8, you'll see her picture right by it, she should be arrested for having a figure like that because it'll make men commit crimes. She is also good company, funny, witty and intelligent. Met her on the bus from Lagos to Ibadan. She had a knot in her brow and kept replying her BBM, all of a sudden she turns to me and says "why do some people bring out the beast in you?", acting confused i replied "in me?" No silly, she said and we both laughed. "Well, if you look this pretty when the beast in you is out, i wonder how you look when you are happy". A genuine smile played on her lips. Well the rest of the conversation is history but we chat on BBM often, talk on a daily basis and we see every time she is town. A final year student in University of Ibadan. I should get serious with her but...

Judy! 5' 9 tall, skin like caramel, pretty face, always well dressed. Good company, funny, witty, intelligent, speaks with a slight British accent. Met her....hold on. How many u dey meet sef u this man? What exactly do you want from all these women? What exactly? Dude! You cant keep on leading these women on without defining what you? Sex is not your problem, a lack of friends is not your problem too. Maybe a steady companion is.

This is the case with a lot of us. When i say a lot of us, i speak for my gender...MEN! Yes, we are a confused bunch. A man sees a babe he likes and two weeks down the line, he sees another and another, the list goes on and on. I remember my short list becoming a long list eventually and i currently do not have a list because i dont think an A4 sheet will contain my confusion and indecision in picking a woman. When you think you have found the one, another comes along and knocks you off your feet before you can even get up. Recently, i came to the realization that you would only be knocked down if you want to be. This because "You will always see someone prettier, you will always talk with someone you can a hold a great conversation with, may be better than her, you will always find someone with all those qualities you want in a woman and more. What actually keeps you in any relationship is not necessarily those things that attracted you in the beginning because long after the magic fades, what you hold on to is the bond you share with her and more importantly the commitment you have made to the other party to always be there." This applies to women too. You need to make a decision and stick with it. Its about making up your mind to be the best man/woman to the other party and if you have to part ways let it not be based on your stupidity...


Hey readers,

I trust you all are having a productive day at work......... Not so much, right? Yeah, I know. The thoughts of the surprise, romantic, outing you have planned has you unnerved. If you are in Lagos, be prepared for plenty of hours in traffic though. Maybe its the endless stream of Val hampers the girls in your unit have been receiving that have been distracting you; making you wonder when yours will arrive.......

Whether you have anything planned or not, have a wonderful day. Show love to someone today, especially someone who cant reciprocate it. And make it a daily habit; the world around you will be better off for it.

I have mad love for you all. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hi everyone,

It is that time of year again. For my Catholic brothers and sisters, it is a time for prayers, fasting, abstinence, sober reflections on the implications of The Passion of Our Lord and the likes.  It begins today, being Ash Wednesday. Even some none Catholics join in the build up to Easter preparations. A lot of people give up eating meat, drinking alcohol, having sex, etc as part of their routine preparation.

I can not help but wonder though, at our patterns/behaviour as humans. I am not condemning the season, far from it; however, should we only do these things during the Lenten season? In my interactions with family, friends and loved ones, I have noted that most of us seem to save all our piety for this period; easily falling back into our usual routines as soon as Lent is over.

It is my humble opinion however, that we should carry the consciousness of Christ in us with every action we take, every day of our lives. It should not be a seasonal thing; which is usually the norm. There are some people though who try to lead exemplary lives every single day....someone you know perhaps? It is interesting to note that this year, Valentine`s day is a day after the beginning of lent. Kind of puts a damper on the amorous adventures most of you have planned, doesn`t it? I say most of you advisedly; as I have no such plans; you can ask the significant other if you like.........*tongue-in-cheek*

All-in-all, let us be good to our neighbours and show love to everyone we come across. It shows that Lent is a season of love, for valentine to be in Lent. Besides, outward piety without substance does not count, okay?

Have a good evening you guys.......


Thursday, February 07, 2013

Feed Your Love This Valentine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello people,

So we are taking a detour today to do some advertising; well, kind of. But I just had to share my experience at a lovely restaurant I visited recently. Am not one for eating out much, particularly African meals, but this was just a wonderful treat. It is a delightful restaurant called UNUSUAL CUISINE, located at No. 46 Saka Tinubu Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. For all you club hoppers, it is under the club POP (formerly Jay-Jay Okocha`s Club 10). Now, am going to take a cue from Nora Roberts in her series of novels about food and desserts.

Any food afficionado knows that the ambience of a place is just as important as the food itself; as there is an anticipation the atmosphere creates, that heightens the pleasure/sensation on the taste buds. You will not be disappointed, as the interior is cosy; a fusion of ethnic and contemporary decor gives it a uniqueness, whilst retaining its warm and welcome feel that envelopes you when you step in. There are exclusive corners that afford privacy for the couples who want an intimate setting, as well larger arrangements for a party 4 or 6.

The offerings are a delight. Having grown up in the Niger Delta, it was a treat to see on display delicacies like Starch and Banga, Owo and Starch, Banga Rice, Black soup in addition to Plantain Hotpot, Ofada Rice and Stew, Efo riro. The best part of the display is that they were served in the native pot. WOW!!!!!! Other delicacies include Peppered snail, spicy chicken wings and chips, gizzard, goat meat in sauce, fresh fish pepper soup and a host of other tasty things to snack on. The meals are affordable. I did have a ball and am only just working off the additional kilos.

Since Valentine`s day is around the corner and a great many of you intend to go on dates, I`d recommend a visit to UNUSUAL CUISINE. It won`t cost you too much, as a special offer of dinner for two and a bottle of Martini Rose goes for N7, 000 only. Hurry and make your reservations.


Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Playing Hard to get!!!!

Sounds familiar, right? To both guys and girls alike......... Not to worry people, I have no intention of starting another battle of the sexes, at least not today.....I just want to  examine some salient points, from my own perspective.

At one point or the other, we have all been told about 'how men love the chase rather than the surrender: men are predatory in nature and love to hunt: women are to play coy: if a woman agrees to date a man the day he asks her out, she will be considered cheap, and so on. The litany in this regard is quite endless.

Based on the things I have seen in recent times though, I have become a bit wary and worry about the fairness of some of it. I mean, it is necessary to play the coy card a little and try to stretch the young man's patience to see just how into you he is. However, I do not quite understand the rationale behind some girls stringing a guy along for over a year, in a bid to play hard to get. And to worsen issues, they collect all sorts of gifts , ranging from the mundane to the absurd..... 

There's a local Warri saying that "Cheap article dey run belle". I mean, how do you expect a guy who is unsure of his stance with you to buy you a Blackberry 10 ( RIM/Blackberry, kudos. The entry was perfectly timed), a white Bold 5, Brazillian hair of N60, 000, to mention but a few? Trust me young lady, he will collect one way or another. Or, he would do the same for any other girl if its not a problem for him; just to score another notch on his belt.

We should learn to give as good as we get. If you have no intention of dating a young man, DO NOT turn him into an ATM. Even when you are in a relationship, it still is not right to do the pay-as-you-go arrangement; that is THE OLDEST PROFESSION ON EARTH, P. I trust you do not need me to spell it out for you; if you do, my apologies.

Brothers, this does not let you off the hook though. This trend came into being because a brother somewhere, someday decided to buy off a girl`s affections. Afterall according to elementary economics, "where there is no demand, there will be no supply". So yes, she wont turn you into an ATM; that is not to say you shouldn`t get her something nice or become cheap in your mentality. I too am expecting my Mercedes Benz G Wagon, you hear.......to whom it does concern.......smiling.

Have a great day all. Waiting to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!