Hi everyone,

It is that time of year again. For my Catholic brothers and sisters, it is a time for prayers, fasting, abstinence, sober reflections on the implications of The Passion of Our Lord and the likes.  It begins today, being Ash Wednesday. Even some none Catholics join in the build up to Easter preparations. A lot of people give up eating meat, drinking alcohol, having sex, etc as part of their routine preparation.

I can not help but wonder though, at our patterns/behaviour as humans. I am not condemning the season, far from it; however, should we only do these things during the Lenten season? In my interactions with family, friends and loved ones, I have noted that most of us seem to save all our piety for this period; easily falling back into our usual routines as soon as Lent is over.

It is my humble opinion however, that we should carry the consciousness of Christ in us with every action we take, every day of our lives. It should not be a seasonal thing; which is usually the norm. There are some people though who try to lead exemplary lives every single day....someone you know perhaps? It is interesting to note that this year, Valentine`s day is a day after the beginning of lent. Kind of puts a damper on the amorous adventures most of you have planned, doesn`t it? I say most of you advisedly; as I have no such plans; you can ask the significant other if you like.........*tongue-in-cheek*

All-in-all, let us be good to our neighbours and show love to everyone we come across. It shows that Lent is a season of love, for valentine to be in Lent. Besides, outward piety without substance does not count, okay?

Have a good evening you guys.......