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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Men are Confused

This piece is from a guest writer, Boma Dokubo. He is a guy, so am particularly interested in reading from the guys on this. Happy reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Onyeka, good company, funny, witty and intelligent. Met her on a saturday at the ATM, as usual there was a queue. While she laughed on the phone, i noticed she had dimples, so i asked her "please can i have one of your dimples?" she laughed and replied "how much are you willing to pay for it?". Well the rest is history cos myself and Onyeka speak and chat on the phone on a daily basis. She just finished her National Youth Service and presently waiting for a job. I should get serious with her but...

Thats, Yemi! Full figure, shaped like a coke bottle. Open the dictionary and check figure 8, you'll see her picture right by it, she should be arrested for having a figure like that because it'll make men commit crimes. She is also good company, funny, witty and intelligent. Met her on the bus from Lagos to Ibadan. She had a knot in her brow and kept replying her BBM, all of a sudden she turns to me and says "why do some people bring out the beast in you?", acting confused i replied "in me?" No silly, she said and we both laughed. "Well, if you look this pretty when the beast in you is out, i wonder how you look when you are happy". A genuine smile played on her lips. Well the rest of the conversation is history but we chat on BBM often, talk on a daily basis and we see every time she is town. A final year student in University of Ibadan. I should get serious with her but...

Judy! 5' 9 tall, skin like caramel, pretty face, always well dressed. Good company, funny, witty, intelligent, speaks with a slight British accent. Met her....hold on. How many u dey meet sef u this man? What exactly do you want from all these women? What exactly? Dude! You cant keep on leading these women on without defining what you? Sex is not your problem, a lack of friends is not your problem too. Maybe a steady companion is.

This is the case with a lot of us. When i say a lot of us, i speak for my gender...MEN! Yes, we are a confused bunch. A man sees a babe he likes and two weeks down the line, he sees another and another, the list goes on and on. I remember my short list becoming a long list eventually and i currently do not have a list because i dont think an A4 sheet will contain my confusion and indecision in picking a woman. When you think you have found the one, another comes along and knocks you off your feet before you can even get up. Recently, i came to the realization that you would only be knocked down if you want to be. This because "You will always see someone prettier, you will always talk with someone you can a hold a great conversation with, may be better than her, you will always find someone with all those qualities you want in a woman and more. What actually keeps you in any relationship is not necessarily those things that attracted you in the beginning because long after the magic fades, what you hold on to is the bond you share with her and more importantly the commitment you have made to the other party to always be there." This applies to women too. You need to make a decision and stick with it. Its about making up your mind to be the best man/woman to the other party and if you have to part ways let it not be based on your stupidity...


  1. Great write-up. Couldn't be more realistic

  2. Ummm, there is actually no confusion here. A man is a being designed to be attracted by what he sees. Like we all know, when you are attracted to something, you give it attention. If a lady is beautiful, by defautl, a man even when he is married just wants to be associated with such lady but that doesn't mean he is confused even if he does that with multiple women. A man at all times always knows what he wants. At some point he always makes up his mind and picks one out of the many ladies he is attracted to. Not to be biased but I do not agree with this thought flow because you proved it in this statement

    "Recently, i came to the realization that you would only be knocked down if you want to be." This is more of a choice not confusion. *GRIN*

    1. Yayyyyyyyyy......

      I apologize that I missed this. Been cleaning the cobwebs on here and found you...

      Interesting perspective.