Playing Hard to get!!!!

Sounds familiar, right? To both guys and girls alike......... Not to worry people, I have no intention of starting another battle of the sexes, at least not today.....I just want to  examine some salient points, from my own perspective.

At one point or the other, we have all been told about 'how men love the chase rather than the surrender: men are predatory in nature and love to hunt: women are to play coy: if a woman agrees to date a man the day he asks her out, she will be considered cheap, and so on. The litany in this regard is quite endless.

Based on the things I have seen in recent times though, I have become a bit wary and worry about the fairness of some of it. I mean, it is necessary to play the coy card a little and try to stretch the young man's patience to see just how into you he is. However, I do not quite understand the rationale behind some girls stringing a guy along for over a year, in a bid to play hard to get. And to worsen issues, they collect all sorts of gifts , ranging from the mundane to the absurd..... 

There's a local Warri saying that "Cheap article dey run belle". I mean, how do you expect a guy who is unsure of his stance with you to buy you a Blackberry 10 ( RIM/Blackberry, kudos. The entry was perfectly timed), a white Bold 5, Brazillian hair of N60, 000, to mention but a few? Trust me young lady, he will collect one way or another. Or, he would do the same for any other girl if its not a problem for him; just to score another notch on his belt.

We should learn to give as good as we get. If you have no intention of dating a young man, DO NOT turn him into an ATM. Even when you are in a relationship, it still is not right to do the pay-as-you-go arrangement; that is THE OLDEST PROFESSION ON EARTH, P. I trust you do not need me to spell it out for you; if you do, my apologies.

Brothers, this does not let you off the hook though. This trend came into being because a brother somewhere, someday decided to buy off a girl`s affections. Afterall according to elementary economics, "where there is no demand, there will be no supply". So yes, she wont turn you into an ATM; that is not to say you shouldn`t get her something nice or become cheap in your mentality. I too am expecting my Mercedes Benz G Wagon, you whom it does concern.......smiling.

Have a great day all. Waiting to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!


Nice one Eky. Just wondering why you didn't start this sooner..

Frank Osakwe.


Am quite impressed that there are still women, young women like you. Keep it up. However, I feel sorry for this person who is paying for the G-wagon. Bro, buy her 2 sef; for this article alone. Or do I buy it for you.

I doff my heart Eky. Ike

Thank you dear. Better late than never. So the journey has begun. Just keep reading, okay? I trust you are doing good.
Ike, you have just made me smile. Thanks for the offer. I will however leave He who shall not be named to respond to you. Have a wonderful day.