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This is a note from my archives. However, I thought I should share it here because it is still valid and will always be. Happy reading.......

You know, for the most part of our lives, investments become a second nature to most of us. As we work, we invest a part of our earnings in stocks, bonds, real estate, fixed deposits and the various other investment vehicles out there. Even the good old savings accounts serve this purpose; for those of us who are part of the unbanked, we utilize isusu- thrift collections or local safe boxes. Believe it or not, some people still dey bury money for ground sef, i.e. my grandma (God rest her beautiful soul, but that’s a story for another day; forgive my digressions).

We find that most of our time is spent at the work place/carrying out work related activities. This investment is more costly (in my humble opinion, as no amount of money can adequately compensate for time). Whatever time is left is shared by our family, friends, church, lovers, the beer parlour, eateries, the cinema, one night stands, flings, relationships and the ONE MILLION AND ONETY ONE THINGS we can cram it up with. It`s easy to forget that after our work/employers if you will have gotten the best of our youth and energies, the people left with the shells we become are our family, mate and friends.

While the importance of family and your loved one can not be over-emphasized, today`s focus is on FRIENDS. The ones you have known since the days of standing vaults aka black and white TVs that you had to ingeniously colour with the aid of lucozade wrappers. The kind who have known you since you were a gangly teenager (in your ugly uniforms and terrible, double lens frames; remember Steve Urkel of FAMILY MATTERS). Probably those from the university with whom you endured the painful days of `soak and travel garri with Fio-fio beans`. Some of them you dont have a long history with, but they have been there in immeasurable ways for you. Then the greatest kind, the ones who have shared those hair-standing-at-the-back-of-the-neck escapades; the guy you scampered over the fence with when that not so innocent 18year old`s dad dashed for his shotgun; the girl whose house was the alibi for when you went to steal your first kiss from that 1st boyfriend………una know the rest now.

Bottom line, FRIENDS are a cant do without for everyone. We all need them like we need air. I mean, there are some shoes that only a friend can fill. For instance, when that dear boyfriend turns out to be a monster, who else will cry with you? When that girl who was the one rejects your proposal for the guy with the big jeep (you can only afford a tokunbo primera), who else will go on an all night, drinking spree with you, see you wipe your eyes and not make fun of the fact that you claim something just went in? Only a friend will be behind the bars of a cell with you after a fight, even when he/she is sure you were wrong.

How much then, do we invest in our friendships? These days, not much am afraid. We are too busy with seemingly more important things. We are more polite to strangers because we expect our friends to understand/forgive our rudeness. We blow off our friends for a mid-night call to some guy/girl you may never date. While chatting online, you type one line in 15mins to your best bud over some business deal, while typing 80words per minute to your new catch/intended date, as if it were a typing and shorthand examination. You call once in a PURPLE moon, perfunctory calls that last for less than 2mins and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

We forget though, that like talents left unused, friendship begins to fade away as the fabric that holds it together dissipates into thin air. Like a car wheel without its bolts and nuts, it falls apart. Soon, you are left wondering if there ever was a friendship at all.

Let`s learn therefore to become better friends in order to have quality friendships.

L8r folks.


Hi friend! 4rm edu.b.etok

Hi Bonny......Good to find you here and thanks for dropping by.

Friends...a complex topic but a worthy investment. I have friends that i would call brothers and sisters.