Engaging in Thought

A man's intelligence is not measured by how well he answers questions, but by the quality of questions he asks.- Bishop Mark Omonze

This statement set me to thinking on the day I heard it from daddy. The more I thought about it, the more sense it made. Unfortunately, our educational system here is designed mostly in the question and answer format. Thus, your scope is restricted to reasoning out the answers to the questions you are asked. 

On the other side of the divide, is the individual who reasons beyond the questions he is asked: but goes on to develop his own questions. Bill Gates probably asked himself " how do i simplify the use of computers? Is it not possible to reduce all these programs? How do I make using computers simpler?" Forgive me my creative liberties, but that train of thought led us to the use of Windows and the mouse.... The result? User friendly computers. Multiplier effect? He's on the worlds richest list and has been for quite a number of years.

This was also reiterated by a recent experience, where I was watching some beautiful children. I discovered that children while performing a singular task will come up with 5ways of getting it done. They are creative and utilise their imaginations a lot. So it leaves you wondering what happened to that particular child as he grew older and used his/her brain less. My take? By limiting their creative outlets and teaching them to stereotype their thought processes to the question and answer syndrome. Thus in 12 or 15years, that once very imaginative person, finds it difficult to answer an applied question.

Painful isnt it? However, we can remedy it. By taking a serious look at this next quote and doing something about it.

Only 5% of humans THINK.
15% like to think they are THINKING.
The remaining 80% would rather die than THINK........-Anonymous

So, let's be challenged into putting our brains to use......... Imagine what we could achieve when we do.

Later folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This makes a lot of sense. well done!

This is so true. More often than not we stifle other people's creativity or our kids creativity because we are too weak to acknowledge them or we are intimidated by them.
Bravo Eky, well done!
To all especially kids who were once stifled or felt intimaidated by a large crowd that they failed to ask their question, remember that whenever people laught at you or insult you, the insults are usually directed at themselves and a weak part of their lives where you exhibit strength.

I try to keep alive that child in me for this reason. Thanks for sharing, Eky.

Wow, I am so humbled. Thanks Myne. And for the two earlier contributors, thank you too.....