Learning to Forgive

This is usually quite hard for most persons, myself inclusive. Often times, it is easier for me to 'sweep things under the carpet ' and let them fester: sulk a bit and carry a pout. Eventually, it starts to feel like a burden or for me, like confinement. When I keep at it, an implosion occurs...........which is even worse than an explosion, I think.

I have come to discover though, that when I forgive whoever it is that hurt me, I am the one who feels lighter: like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I experience a huge sense of relief, because I actually hate strife and quarrels. I have never been to jail, but I think it can be equated with setting a prisoner free. The amazing part is, I discover that I am the one who has just been released.

Let us stop and analyse it for a moment. When am weighed down with the feeling of a burden, does it affect the other party? No. Especially if the person has apologised. Even when there is no apology, does it not pay me better to let go and be happy, for my health's sake? I certainly think it does. No, scratch that........ I know it, because I have been there.

So, why don't we then make an effort at truly forgiving one another? We need to, not because Eky says so, but for the sake of the world we live in and our individual happiness. Logically, how many people can you  stay mad at and for how long? Let me know views, afterall I have just expressed mine. Am interested in your opinion, so tell in your comments.


This is quite refreshing. To see you talk about yourself in an unpleasant situation. We all can relate to this. I was carrying a grudge against the boyfriend until i read this. Time to kiss and make nice. Thanks for sharing Eky

Awwwwwww, you are welcome. Hope you have made nice, to use your language. Cheers!

This is quite true. I am just learning forgiveness.
Thank you Shirley.