Heart Break Hotel!!!!!!!!!!

Since he left Adele’s someone like you has become your favourite song, probably on permanent repeat on your playlist. Since she left you have been singing that Boyz II Men’s song ‘doing just fine’. 

The heart break hotel is surely not a nice place to be. The food here is tasteless, it doesn’t matter if you have got a good bed because you still have sleepless nights, sentences become empty, words are just letters, movies are just pictures and voices are unwanted noise. The toilet paper is finished not because it isn’t enough or you have a bad case of dysentery but because of the many tears you have shed. Nothing really makes sense in this hotel. 

You trust no man that says the three words to you ‘I love you’ and you trust no woman who cares too much. It could have been 1 heart break or a series of bad relationships. Love has dealt you heavy blows and left a sour taste in your mouth. Now you are hemorrhaging from your heart. Your heart is shattered beyond repairs or so you think. You have been asking yourself; how, do I start all over again? We were perfect or so you thought.

Six months after, your life’s philosophy is based on your past experiences. You have made the resolve to look better and improve on yourself. Your prayer is for your ex to see you and realize how much he made a mistake by leaving you. Then you will have the opportunity to tell her that it’s too late. So you think? Well, sadly a lot of people wish or pray for bad things to happen their EXs because of the pains they had been through but unfortunately it does not happen all the time. You may never get that opportunity for you to make your EX feel bad because they left you.

He broke your heart, she broke your heart, I broke your heart, you broke my heart…and so? It may have been the first time and it may not be the last time. You aren’t the first neither will you be the last. I really don’t mean to sound this mean but truth is while we seek self improvement to make someone feel bad or jealous, it creates a heavy burden in our hearts and puts us under unnecessary pressure. Nothing wrong with aiming for success, in fact aim for the zenith of all your endeavors but do it because it’s a necessity to succeed in life and not a point to prove. 

Free your mind of every grudge against your ex, forgiveness is key here. You will turn out happy and will meet new people and actually find out that hey! He/she was not the best thing that happened to you after all. Then time will heal all wounds only if you allow it to. Adele practically sang her album titled 21 from emotions from her heart break and it was a major success. That’s because her emotions were channeled to music not necessarily to get back at anyone but to express herself. Do not do the right things for the wrong reasons.

 Become a better person because you have to. Sometimes the reason for the heart break is evident when you know you have to work on certain areas of your life. Pick up the pieces and move as every man is a work in progress and trust me, time will tell if you have learned a lesson from it and have become a better man or you are living each day to prove why he/she shouldn’t have left you. Heart break only makes you a stronger person if you let it.


Nice read. So that`s what that place is called? Well done Eky. Cynthia

Heartbreak hotel!!! Nice name. Sorry to all the ladies going thru it

Is it only ladies, guys go tru it too. It's a normal thing

Heartbreak is for all. Eky that's a wonderful piece.

God bless you for this wonderful piece

Thanks Cynthia. yes, that`s what I think its called.

Lol, thanks. I think you mean sorry to all going through it, whether girls or guys.

Hmmm, I sense a battle of the sexes. Easy oh.....

gracias muchas. Let`s hope we all learnt the lessons we were meant to.

And bless you too for reading........

Hmmmmmm,have never had my heart broken,but have broken few. May they all forgive me o.