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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Hello my beautiful reader,

Good afternoon. I trust you have been having a great week. I have, except that I feel like a farmer who is in planting season. This Lagos eh, na wa. I have been arriving home at 10pm or later, every night for the past 2 weeks and am in dire need of a massage (TAKE NOTE, HE WHO KNOWS HIMSELF).

Anyway, today am just going to describe briefly a few people I know and their favorite expressions. There is this lady, who is like a big sister to me. She loves watching Tyler Perry movies.....and loves MADEA.......anytime I hear or see Tyler or a Madea movie especially "Hellurrrrrrrrr" , I think of her. Entreaty; Tyler, come to Nigeria oh, your wife is waiting here.......

I used to have a boss who always told my former colleagues "Its not rocket science" and would scratch his face 3 or 4 times afterwards....... This expression eventually became annoying, because it usually meant that someone was getting a dressing down; most likely in public.

I spoke to my cousin today; he is quite dear to me and I used to have a crush on him when I was younger...... I always laugh when we talk cos he would always say " we are looking for money for 'kpokpo garri' and 'bonga fish'...... Once I mentioned bread, and he responded, "we have not graduated to bread yet". Today he added a new one;"I am looking for creche dues." Hustle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is this father I have; am glad to have met him. Anytime you talk to him, you understand why there must be a God in heaven; who loves us in spite of all our wrongdoing. He is also more funky than you young ones, who think going clubbing is the height of having fun; one day in church, while illustrating something, he suddenly goes "Laid back" a la Snoop Dogg........... Imagine how much fun church is with him and God @ the helm of affairs.

I am amazed at how much I remember and just realized that I will have to serialize this post......okay back to the regular programming. There's this very nice young chap I know, intelligent, unique and a good guy; a geek who isn't geeky. He loves horror movies and has a serious distaste for reality TV; anytime you scroll past the E channel on DSTV, particularly if  'Keeping with the Kardashians' is on, he will go "5 brain cells just died".....

Oh, my friend and sister from secondary school; how could I forget her? We have come a long way and she has seen me through life`s many different kettles of fish that I have been in. Recently, it amuses me to hear her say "its not easy for shizzy"......... but I definitely know where she`s coming from.

My dearly beloved mum. The best woman in the whole world. Anytime I hear someone say, "are you alright?" my mind flashes back to childhood; usually you heard that just before you got a sound whipping. Your butt would give you a report even 3 days later..... Tough love.

Since am pressed for time, this is the last person in today`s episode that you will meet through my eyes. He-who-shall-not-be-named. This one? has a repertoire of expressions, he can pass for a rapper with many punch lines. And the voice is amazing, I might add "Success banishes insults." "If you are not self sufficient, you can't afford to be arrogant" "What makes a man are his word and his balls". The others? Well, let`s say they are for my consumption only. Before you girls out there, ..............................................*smiling mischievously.

That`s all folks (for today). Do share your experiences in the comments box. 


  1. amusing... Liked the third person view given to me to these people's world, and how they have mad an impact on you.

    1. yes.....will serialize this. There`s tons more where this came from, just be on the lookout. You might recognize yourself too (maybe)