Women made me understand physics by Boma!!!!

 Hey there,

Happy holidays everyone. I hope you are enjoying yourselves, even as I am writing from the office. So Boma is at it again, but its the fairer sex at the end of his pen today....hehe

From my basic physics, I was taught how to calculate potential energy. The formula for calculating Potential Energy (PE) is as follows;
PE = m x g x h. Where m = mass, g = acceleration due to gravity, h = height. If you did not do Physics in Secondary school not to worry, you do not need to bother because when you multiply all these alphabets or figures as the case may be even though it gives you a figure, Potential Energy is always equal to zero. Yes, PE = 0! Well that`s the long and short of all the calculations. Regardless of your answer, ultimately if work is not done then there is no result. Therefore, you have to do some work, in other words show working.

You see, I used to be a dreamer and I also thought I had potentials. Maybe, I did but sometimes potentials aren`t just enough. Potentials don`t pay the bills. So, to my title; how women made me understand physics. Well, I was content with, "I am going to make it one day" but after my ex left me for reasons like, " you can’t pay my bills" and the likes, I wondered what happened to all the love talk and all the talk of "I believe in you" and "you have a bright future and I want to be a part of it". What was she thinking at that time? Was she high on some drugs or the composition of the gases around her that she was breathing was making her say things she wasn't supposed to say? Whatever the case may be, she got to the realization that I wasn't meeting up financially. She might have been taught the physics of potential energy without even realizing it. This gets more interesting because the next girl I tried to date didn't give me the opportunity. Dude! You still live with your parents at your age. How will she see the future even though you have potential, not many people are gifted with spotting potential. Obviously, she is looking at settling down soon or looking at a future with someone more stable financially and you are telling her rubbish about potential. She may not have said it in those words but ultimately, that is what I interpreted. Abeg, clear road and park well.

After these events, it slowly sunk into my head that we will be judged by what you can show and prove. It made lots of sense to me, all the physics of potential energy I learned back then secondary school Mr. Okoronka didn’t waste his time after all. The truth is that in life not many people will give you a chance if you don’t have anything to show for it. Don’t just sit and dream and believe something will happen. Go out there and prove yourself, try new things and keep and an open mind.

We are eager to hear from you. Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i totally agree. its jst that these ladies are not really truthful to the gentlemen. they shud challenge our asses daily to make us better. a little push in the right direction never killed anybody (unless that push was off a 40 storey roof ...hmmm). i like

Okay noted........How ever, there are a few of you who resist the push with all your might. Then there are those whom you push and they shove you out. Then of course, the ones who appreciate the push. Just saying. Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!

Hi Eky, kindly change the colour of your font. It starts blurring out after awhile. Nice blog BTW.

Thanks dear. Hope this works better. This person seems to know me. May I have the honour?

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