Ignorance; Very Expensive Commodity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey folks,

Happy weekend folks. I trust yours had a great start. Mine, totally. It`s been work mostly, but today, am actually having fun. Had a fun meeting and even @ work, it has been a singing spree.......

It just dawned on me again just how expensive it is to be ignorant. I have often heard people talk about how getting a qualitative education can be high costing and all that, but in my discovery, it is just a drop in the bucket compared to what being ignorant costs you.

For example, how can a university graduate employed in a bank not know that the word "Genesis" means beginning? He could only identify the word as the first book of the bible. And this happened in public. Or picture a mum (most likely a grand mum) trying to force to speak vernacular if you don`t want to and then berating you for doing so?

There are a whole lot of instances I could raise, but I will have to keep writing until tomorrow and I have too much to do now. So let me keep it simple. My mum says, "what you don`t know, is above you". I have discovered this to be true many times, in a most embarrassing manner too. So, my 2 cents? Learn about it; do not feign knowledge; you might just be exposing your behind very badly. Sometimes, it is better not to gamble at all.

Later folks!!!!!!!!!!!