Dear Diary,

So, I decided to do it the old fashioned way today: pretend like no one is going to see this and just pour my heart out.

Its been over 9weeks since I got the tacky sms. He didn't even have the decency to say the words to my face. Not even a phone call. 'My feelings for u are non-existent at this point. Let's be friends.' With those words, I saw the last 2years come crashing before my eyes.

The promises: fun times: efforts made to keep the boat of the relationship between Maurice and me sailing. First, I had a crying fest for 3days straight - yeah, Town Crier; so what? Then the self doubt/what ifs crept in; maybe if I had put on a little weight; perhaps, I should have dumbened myself a little, or pretended to hate football. All manners of self depreciating thoughts crawled through my mind.

Suddenly, I became mad. Like, completely and out of my mind type of anger. Why did he have to do it to me, of all people? All I had ever done was love him, or so I thought. Its a good thing I didn't set my eyes on him at that time. Maybe, I would be doing time in a prison facility somewhere.

After that came resignation. It is indeed over. I have sent him his stuff that were lying about my small house. Put away his, no, our pictures. I am now at the point where I want to seek adventure and maybe, become a little reckless. do the things I have never done that make me a regular Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes. Look out world.

P.S. To the next Maurice, you might just pay a little for your predecessors misdemeanours. Take note.


Note; hi beautiful readers. Please address your input to Chinny. Happy new month everyone. Hugs!!!!!


All I can say is, I don't wanna be the next Maurice. Lol

@redbiafran: I don't envy him myself. @ Nnamdi: yeah.

Chikezie: lol.I am not surprised.
I will tell Chinny. Who knows? Thanks for stopping by here.

'My feelings for you are non-existent at this point. Let's be friends.' LOL funny.

I don't want to be the next Maurice. But I love football, and I love Liverpool! Broken hearts never mend, they become patched hearts, but if they breathe, they can share life's experiences which have thus, toughened them to withstand the next drop of it to the floor.

Haha, Ken dear, I wouldn't want to be him too. Sounds like she has sinister plans. Thanks for sharing and dropping by.