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Monday, June 04, 2018

Chronicles Of The Not So "Mini Me"!!!

So after my interesting time on the radio on that fateful Friday night after work, I came away with a new book titled "The Confessions of a Lagos Bachelor". I knew for certain what I would be using to pass the time on Saturday since due to toothache, I had no plans to be anywhere else but in my bed.

Of course, a certain young man kept coming to "check on me" since (in his words) "daddy is not around and I am your protector". Even when I napped, I could periodically feel his small palm feeling my forehead and neck for my temperature. Sweet, disturbing lil doc. Soon, I had to give up my "alone in bed time" and go cook.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Steven George Gerrard; The End of A Football Era!

Just like the day he announced his exit from #LFC, today has been a teary-eyed day for me. Knew it would come, but still...
                         Image result for steven gerrard
My love for Liverpool FC began at age 8. It was a love for repeated names of a generation I didn't meet, but watched on my dad's "The Liverpool Story" VCR. What solidified my unrepentant belief in that childhood love for #LFC? A young man, by name Steven George Gerrard. He wasn't particularly memorable all the time from his debut in 1998, but there were flashes the brilliance he would become. I took notice when the captain's armband was taken from Hyppia and given to Stevie in '03 by Gerrard Houllier. Made me wonder...

Monday, June 20, 2016

Dear Diary 4; Ijay's Musings!!!

"If I go to work in a mini-skirt

Am I giving you the right to flirt
I won't compromise my point of view
Absolutely not"...

Kai. Deborah Cox lyrics are just swimming out of my mouth, in tune with the radio of their own volition. Not that I am complaining; it is either sing along with the radio, watch some sappy series/re-watch "Game of Thrones", or sink back into my thoughts on my man dilemma.


Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Mainland Book Cafe and Me!!!

So the 27th of September, 2015, came around soon enough. I had just spent the 1st week of a grueling 11 in Lagos and was going for my first social event, a meet up with the members of the Mainland Book Cafe. You could have called me a fringe member, since I was told about it by the one and only modern day Ojuju, Beeordun . I had even given them a blog post, so I felt like I was not too much of an outsider (in my mind). More importantly, I was going to see the popular "Bar Enclave" and it's twitter renowned TURKEY. So yeah, I was excited.


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Eky's Diary; Mini-me is now a Maxi-Him....

#ShortStuff is now a man o......

When am asked how old he is, I usually say 4 going to 45... Folks think it's me being cheeky. But the following 3 way conversation between Chu, his grandma and me will give some insight into our "unique age".

4, going on 45....

Friday, September 11, 2015

Dear Diary 3; Bimbo's Reality.....

"Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
If he's always busy,
The side chic is YOU..."

Mogbe. I nearly died with laughter upon seeing the meme with those words. Ordinarily, it should speak to me, but that would be speaking to a girl who didn't know she's a side chic; wouldn't it? Me, I know my own brand of vice; I'm well aware of my poison.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Do women truly hate each other?


Anybody remember this video? It was a favorite while I was growing up at the time; with most of us in my age grade choosing sides; Brandy vs Monica... that sort of thing. But the most astounding thing for me (then and now) was how they came together in the end to put Mr. Player in his place. 

There has to be a reason why that memory particularly stood out for me. Most likely, it is because I had on some level started expecting two women to always be in opposition to one another. (Pray, who was teaching me these things then? I been small that time na... Okay Ekenedilichukwu, back to regular programming). First of all, go down low welcome to my today. Here's to the prayer that it be your best Thursday yet. Amen.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

#TGIF; Of Friday Mayhem on Lagos Roads!!!

*Cues Music* "Thank God its Fridayyyyyyy".....

So R. Kelly's song is playing and you would think it is to set the tone for the proverbial #TGIF;yes? Time to let my hair down and have a semi serious work day. Drinks after 5pm, etc. I wish... It is a day packed full as usual (reports, mails, client resolution activities and visits and the likes). I have to type with one hand and much on my sandwich.....the things I do for you.....

     familiar scene,yes?

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Farewell Steven George Gerrard; My Mr. Liverpool.

The D-day is here.

I began writing this post after watching Steven Gerrard's LFCTV interview in January; where he announced that he would be leaving his beloved home team at the end of the season. My emotions got the better of me and I postponed it; thinking it would be easier as it got closer. Here I am; let's just say it's a good thing only my computer screen can see me now.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My reality makes me an authority!!!!!!


Yes, everyday people. And no, I am not about to burst into the popular "Arrested Development" song of the same title. This is a rant of very many different subjects that affect us; make that me (since they are mostly my thoughts anyway). Let's begin!

Cleaning out my closet!!!!

Am sorry momma
I never meant to hurt you
I never meant to make you cry but tonight
Am cleaning out my closet.....
 Beautiful lyrics from one of my  all time rappers........ But in reality, I should be singing to you, dear space of mine on blogosphere. It has been too long; way too long. You should have seen the time I spent on clearing out the cobwebs from on here. And I have missed your 'never judging', 'always welcoming with wide open arms' presence.


All the same, I am now done clearing the closet of all its Pandora's secrets. Unto the business of this space. But you have to go the next post first

*Exits stage singing  "Guess who's back, back again. Eky's back, tell a friend"

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

As 2014 draws to a close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes. It had to be a cough; am quite certain that sneaking in would not have worked. I mean, its been over 3 months since my last entry. You should have seen the huge amounts of cobwebs I had to clear out, from this page and my brain as well, to put this down. Now dear online journal/reader, perish the thought that I did not miss you (I DID). Its just that small matter of life and work getting in the way of my musing and visits to you. 



Thursday, September 11, 2014

RAPE; Indecent dressing is no excuse!!!!!!!!

So it's a thought provoking Thursday for yours truly. I trust you all are doing great.

           .......shamefully, these words are true.

Ugo Lawrence: Filling Your Child’s Bucket of Self Esteem

So my hottie boss wrote this rather enlightening piece and i thought it salient enough to share with you all. Happy reading!!!!!             


My cousin’s display message on her BlackBerry on Saturday morning read “parents need to fill a child’s bucket of self-esteem so high that the rest of the world can’t poke enough holes to drain it dry” . That message got me thinking. I called her and we had a lengthy conversation about people who have a strong sense of self and those who don’t. We also talked about kids we knew and how they fared in life because of how they were treated at home.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Female Bosses; The why's and wherefores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                             Remember her right?

So I am assuming that you have like me seen the movie "The Proposal". If you haven't, know that I am saying a prayer for you (what are you waiting for)? And with that, welcome to my world this lovely and cold Tuesday.

Back to the issue though. Sandra Bullock's character at the beginning of "The Proposal" was an all out, bitchy boss who couldn't be satisfied by anything her colleagues/subordinates did. Until she required the help of her subordinate to remain in the country as her visa had expired. She then had to, how do they say it, 'eat-her-humble-pie'. And Ryan Reynolds milked the experience by getting her to go on one knee and render the proposal.