Chronicles Of The Not So "Mini Me"!!!

So after my interesting time on the radio on that fateful Friday night after work, I came away with a new book titled "The Confessions of a Lagos Bachelor". I knew for certain what I would be using to pass the time on Saturday since due to toothache, I had no plans to be anywhere else but in my bed.

Of course, a certain young man kept coming to "check on me" since (in his words) "daddy is not around and I am your protector". Even when I napped, I could periodically feel his small palm feeling my forehead and neck for my temperature. Sweet, disturbing lil doc. Soon, I had to give up my "alone in bed time" and go cook.

The native jollof rice was perfection, in looks and taste. While I was leaving the kitchen, someone called out, "mummy you left your book that has bachelor in the title". I was rooted to the spot. I eventually had to go back in the kitchen, drop my tray on the island and faced ChuChu. This ensued after.

Me: "thank you dear. Do you know what bachelor means?"
Mini; "of course. It means a man that is not married."
Me (my thoughts going from zero to one million real quick): "and a female who is not married?"
Mini, after a short pause says: "a spinster".
And that's how this lad, who was a baby just yesterday, contributed to my memory pool yesterday. Err, come to think about it, its just one of the ways as he is quite the hand and legful.

Have a great week folks. Good morning!


He is sooooooo adorable.....