Steven George Gerrard; The End of A Football Era!

Just like the day he announced his exit from #LFC, today has been a teary-eyed day for me. Knew it would come, but still...
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My love for Liverpool FC began at age 8. It was a love for repeated names of a generation I didn't meet, but watched on my dad's "The Liverpool Story" VCR. What solidified my unrepentant belief in that childhood love for #LFC? A young man, by name Steven George Gerrard. He wasn't particularly memorable all the time from his debut in 1998, but there were flashes the brilliance he would become. I took notice when the captain's armband was taken from Hyppia and given to Stevie in '03 by Gerrard Houllier. Made me wonder...

What I was beginning to glimpse with my crushing eyes, was made glaring to the footie world during the #UCL of 04/05. A game against Olympiakos. LFC went far in that Champion league campaign due to the tactical genius of a certain Rafa Benitez, no doubt. However, on the pitch, it was one man's hope as he martialled the troops, strutting like a general; filled with determination that caught your eye.
If there were any doubting Thomases, May 25th 2005 shut them all up.At half time, Liverpool was 3 goals down to a team with Schevchenko, Gattusso, Nesta, Pirlo and Kaka in it. Stevie scored the first for LFC and the way he celebrated was to wave his arms, urging his teammates to "come on". Passion at its peak.
Before that game went into penalties, #CaptainFantastic was playing in RB.
His fourth position on the night.
Determination. Grit.
The next year 2006, the FA Cup was re-christened the #GerrardCup. Who else?
Many people have opined that Paul Scholes and Giggs were better players than Gerrard. I find it quite insulting, no offense. If Scholes had played with David Ngog, Insua, Dossena, Josemi, Nunez, Voronin, to mention few, then yeah; it'd be a fair comparison. Since Gerrard was the one to carry his team on his back through most of his later career, he's above and beyond the others in my book. 
The stats have never been a complete description of a player and they will truly never do Stevie justice. Like +Empire of The Kop  tweeted, "In 50 years' time us fans will be telling stories about Steven Gerrard. They still won't understand how good he was."
Truly, they won't know the feeling of how your hairs curled up at your nape just as he scored an incredible belter in a Merseyside derby. 

His love for Liverpool FC was touching and is still glaring to see.
Am glad that a part of the current crop of players had him to learn from.  About the famous slip against Chelsea, I said then and I say now; “I forgive him”. There's nothing to forgive even. Legends make legendary mistakes, like they make successes.

Thank you, the little boy from Huyton who went on to be legendary.
Thank you, the skinny boy in the white towel in a picture with his seniors who went on to be the leader of the pack. Thank you for the beautiful memories that are a part of my treasure trove. As this chapter of your football journey closes, I await with anticipation the next one and hope; no, pray, it brings you back to the club you love. The club I love. Our Liverpool Football Club.
My forever football crush, favorite captain, Steven G. Gerrard.
#YNWA StevieG, the best no 8 there ever was!!!


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