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Friday, November 25, 2016

Steven George Gerrard; The End of A Football Era!

Just like the day he announced his exit from #LFC, today has been a teary-eyed day for me. Knew it would come, but still...
                         Image result for steven gerrard
My love for Liverpool FC began at age 8. It was a love for repeated names of a generation I didn't meet, but watched on my dad's "The Liverpool Story" VCR. What solidified my unrepentant belief in that childhood love for #LFC? A young man, by name Steven George Gerrard. He wasn't particularly memorable all the time from his debut in 1998, but there were flashes the brilliance he would become. I took notice when the captain's armband was taken from Hyppia and given to Stevie in '03 by Gerrard Houllier. Made me wonder...

Monday, June 20, 2016

Dear Diary 4; Ijay's Musings!!!

"If I go to work in a mini-skirt

Am I giving you the right to flirt
I won't compromise my point of view
Absolutely not"...

Kai. Deborah Cox lyrics are just swimming out of my mouth, in tune with the radio of their own volition. Not that I am complaining; it is either sing along with the radio, watch some sappy series/re-watch "Game of Thrones", or sink back into my thoughts on my man dilemma.