Should You Marry Your Best Friend? | Eky's 2Cents - Podcast Series 1 :-)

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I trust you've been keeping alright. Happy Father's day to the wonderful dads out there. ‎God bless you all.

This is to welcome you to the maiden edition of my podcast series, 'Eky's 2Cents'. This one's titled 'Should You Marry Your Best Friend?

Here, you'll get to not just read from me: but hear my voice as I share my humble opinions on varying issues. Hope you have even more fun than while reading: I'm sure you'll tell me what you think.

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I'd say, don't marry your enemy. (I wish I could say more...cos I do have more to say but may if I could podcast) So, like the Terminator. ..I'll be back!

Marrying your best friend, or a.good friend ticks all the boxes, but what if that spark just isn't there? I'm all for friendship in a marriage, but at the risk of being friendzoned, I'd advocate you being friends with someone you're attracted to before going all out in a relationship. My 2 cents *smiles*

Marrying your "Best friend"? Haba! I see gay wedings all over. #smiles# it will be nice to marry a friend & best to marry your best friend if he/she is of the opposite sex. @ your voice I say hmmm "its woth a million bucks" #wink#

I want more than your 2cents o, *Grins* you have a point. She becomes your best friend when you make up your mind she's the one. Until then, am your best friend. Thanks for stopping by!

Lol... True. You can tell I meant heterosexual best friend. Thanks, I'll tell them you said so at the bank.

And we'll be waiting...Lol.
Of course marrying an enemy would be major disaster. Thanks for stopping by: I await the concluding visit.

My best friend happens to be my uncle's gate man, we have been friends since childhood, we share almost everything together & even more *wink*. The guy is awesome in every sense. I am presently a banker in one of the commercial banks and at work I am privy to meeting customers, most of the guys try to woo me & even buy me gifts, dinners etc one even proposed to me sometime ago but humbly declined as I don't like him much. Should I marry my best friend?

I would use "friend" in my comment. Friend? Best friend? ...same thing. It's all perspective. Remember there are 'friends' that stick closer than a brother. Whoever you're gon marry must or should pass this test. Marrying your friend means marrying someone you 'know' ...very well. My idea of a relationship that leads to marriage should be Friends--> relationship---> Friendlationship---> dating---> marriage. It is best this chain of relation to marriage is not broken or skipped. By the way what qualifies someone as a "best" friend rather than a "good" friend or just 'a' friend. How much they let you know or how much you know of em?

Lol! *clears throat* Panel of "commentators" Oya answer o!!

Anonymous 09:43 I think you should marry your best friend, who happens to be your uncle's gateman. At least he's a man, and you've known him since childhood. But you didn't tell us how much he KNOWS you. It's also good you've shared everything, if he hasn't proposed yet, suggest it to him. Cheers!
If only Micheal Otedola's granddaughter will accept to be my best friend :'( very sad something.

@Lotti. I will love to but my family will disown me and there's economic reason too. Moreover in Africa it is families that get married and not individuals. Life has never being fair, at times we just have to live with our unfair choices after all "life na bear bear" #sadbutihavetomoveon#

Kai! Walahi this marry your best friend ish sef can be pretty complicated sometimes.

Won't be a bad idea getting married to a friend (as in female friend o! since am a guy). It's the best - atleast, you wont be living in a house with a stranger...:-)

Marrying your best friend will be nice. But remember marriage is a long way. What if u go into a relationship and it doesn't work out? You stand d chance of losing ur bestfriend in the process. Yes I love my best friend, but marriage not sure.

Great guys. Thanks for all your illuminating comments.
Its not about who's your best friend before marriage, its about the willingness to become best buds with who you marry. Friendship is the key ingredient, whatever the quantifier.....