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Monday, June 09, 2014

Good Guys Like Bad Girls: Myth??????

   Here we go again. Its only fitting that since we had a girls version about bad boys (click here), we have a guy version. Yes, am all about fairness and equity after all (sniggers).

Okay, so am sure you are no stranger to the idea of good guys liking bad girls. If you are, then welcome; such a theory has been espoused by some students of the 'life' school-of-thought. Certain people feel like the good guy needs a little bit of the 'va va va voom' quality a bad girl brings to the table. Some could describe it as 'a need for her to jazz up their 'seemingly' boring lives'. Interesting, isn't it?

Then of course, there are the 'OTHERS'; who wouldn't touch a bad girl with 10,000 metre pole if offered. The ones who are into 'Miss Prim and Proper' or 'Goody Two Shoes' (take your pick). These guys can tell you for a fact they want the stability that a staid, predictable young lady will provide them; they do not look forward to unplanned surprises and 'eyebrow raising shenanigans' that a bad girl carries around with her.

As with everything, there are the indifferents or abstainers; who are okay with either category. Don't you just adore these guys?

Well, the floor is open. I'd love the guys to tell me their thoughts. Looking forward to your educative opinions. And if you make me laugh in the process, that's a plus..


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