Maths 4 Men: Women + Sexual Frustration= NAGGING!! | Eky's 2Cents | Podcast Series 3

Hi there, 

My beautiful/handsome companion, howdy? I trust your day has been okay, albeit wet. 

At the rate the rains are pouring down on us, we'll soon be unable to leave our homes. But look on the bright side, it'll afford the couples ample opportunity to have a go at making babies (coughs). 

And with that, welcome to today's edition of 2Cents. Its addressed to the guys really: a little bit of expo if you will. 

The ladies will forgive me for this, as it will make it a little easier on us all. As usual, see you on the other side of the podcast. 


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Pls share more about our generation as regard ladies nagging..we needed it more than ur them I guess we are ur Target Audience for now..we are born in the 80's mostly hehehehehe TankU

Gabby dear, it still holds true in our time. Women are women and our make up is a bit similar, in spite of the individual differences.