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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Would I Be FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS? | EkyShirley's 2Cents | Podcast Series 2

Yhello Again,

I trust your day has been cool. Its been rather cold here, with the rains and all. A good day for staying in bed with hot pepper soup and a good book: or............................................ (Fill in the blank spaces). 

Here's today's version of Eky's 2Cents: Would I be Friends with Benefits? 

Am looking forward to your opinions and comments at the end of the podcast. 


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  1. Define every relationship and dont make decisions u will live to regret. Dont become friends with benefits cause u feel u can change d other person's mind.

    1. Gbam. My sister has said it all jor.

  2. Haba! Friends with benefit no be only for sex na. What of the other perks that comes with it. Friends with benefit dey sweet jor when na only sex without other perks. But most times it is practically impossible to be friends with benefit without some sort of emotions attached. Sex prompts emotion & defeats the aim of friends with benefit. Most people claim they don't like friends with benefit but they have being its victim in the past & might still fall victim in the nearest future. Eky thumbs up & keep the good work but remove the tiredness because the voice is spiced.

    1. Lol. The voice was as a result of Tonsilitis that was just beginning, but noted.......