Eky's Diary; Mini-me is now a Maxi-Him....

#ShortStuff is now a man o......

When am asked how old he is, I usually say 4 going to 45... Folks think it's me being cheeky. But the following 3 way conversation between Chu, his grandma and me will give some insight into our "unique age".

4, going on 45....

Phone rings and it's my mum. I pick up and she's laughing so hard. 
"Mummy, this laughter, odikwa nma?"
Mum; "your son has surpassed you o. This boy will not kill me".

A day before, he received a gift of a "special, Orange" Capri-sonne pack and kept it in the refridgerator for it to cool. In his words, "I'll drink it tomorrow, after school, when it's cold and I feel hot". Now grandma was parched, took the "special" drink and replaced it with one of apple flavour from his supplies at 11 a.m and he returned at 3.15pm.

Back to the phone conversation......
Shortstuff;" I know who is responsible for this; it's grandma".
Me; "Chu boy, what's the matter?"
ShortStuff; "Hello mummy, I kept my Orange Capri-sonne in the fridge to cool, so I can drink it today after school. I came back and someone drank it and put the Apple one there. I know who is responsible".
Me; (reeling from the fact that he knows how to use responsible in a sentence; I mean, wasn't it yesterday that he was 3months)?

Shortstuff (With emphasis): "It's GRANDMA who is responsible...she did this naughty thing".
Grandma is laughing her head off somewhere in that living room
Me; "Okay. Grandma drank your juice. But you know she loves you and does everything for you and buys you nice things; and am sure she said she's sorry, so...."
Shortstuff interrupting; "Okay. I agree she's a nice grandma and does good things for me and I love her. I know it's good to share, but mummy you see, SHE DIDN"T SAY SORRY. "
Me (totally flabbergasted)
Grandma; "Oh my darling boy, am sorry"...
Shortstuff (with glee in his voice); " Okay grandma, I forgive you. I love you and mummy and I won't call the police anymore"

People, am in need of a new pet name for my bestie and lil man; he can't be shortstuff anymore......


Awww bless his cute smart self. :)

Thanks so much Aunty Buki.... ({})