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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Farewell Steven George Gerrard; My Mr. Liverpool.

The D-day is here.

I began writing this post after watching Steven Gerrard's LFCTV interview in January; where he announced that he would be leaving his beloved home team at the end of the season. My emotions got the better of me and I postponed it; thinking it would be easier as it got closer. Here I am; let's just say it's a good thing only my computer screen can see me now.

I was 8 years of age when my love story with Liverpool football club began; but it solidified and grew with the entry of one lad from Huyton's entry into the senior team in November of 1998. There have been so many more worthy tributes written of this amazing footballer, leader, legend who yet remained the most humble of men and professional. Everyone who has ever worked with him testifies to his humility and professionalism; his willingness to work with everyone, including the new/young players. There are many quotes about Steven Gerrard but this one stands out for me; 

  • Steven is more than just a footballer to the city of Liverpool - Margaret Aspinall
For one who so young had the captaincy thrust on him, he came into his own with the responsibility. It is amazing but a testament to his character; as he has literally held himself responsible for the club highs and lows. It is also one of the reasons I have never joined the barrage of fans who recently took to lambasting him for following nature's course and ageing. In my book, there are no justifications whatsoever for turning on him (even after the Chelsea slip last season); he has literally carried LFC on his back for 10 or more seasons.

He had just been made captain by Houllier at the age of 23, and I am fairly convinced he won the Man of the Match award in most of the Reds’ matches. Our reliance on him was embarrassing, and we were undoubtedly a one-man team most times (that qualification existed long before Suarez dreamt of being an LFC player). The arguments about the best midfielder in the PL are laughable in my opinion. Gerrard was Scholes, Keane, Viera and Lampard rolled into one; the ultimate kind of midfielder in his day. For pete's sake, in Istanbul during the dying minutes he played in right full back. His "never say die attitude" was at an all time high that night and gave us the 5th UCL cup that sits at the Anfield throne room. He also provided for football lovers around the world, one of the most magical nights in the history of the sport.

The night at Istanbul in 05 and at the FA cup final 06 will forever remain ever green in my memory as the most inspirational games for all time; how one man brought victory to a team, his club and supporters around the world. He's the guy who ensured that LFC delivered during the big games. He's also the guy who as a result, his gaffes are the most costly. The red card against Utd this season, the slip against Chelsea and the others; however, they remind me that he's human after all; he can't be LFC's Clark Kent/ Superman all the time. Which is all the more reason my heart aches. After today's game, he will no longer be the rallying point of our team when the performance is poor.


The arguments about who's the greatest LFC player between Gerrard and Dalglish are always going to be there. Kenny was an outstanding player and the laurels may favour him; but he played in a team filled with great players. Steven has been the only star in a team filled with mediocres for a long time. I mean, would Kenny have been as outstanding if he had to play with the David Ngog's, Djimi Traore's, Konchesky's and Voronin's of this world? Again, let's wonder how Gerrard would have performed in a team with the Rush's, Barnes's, Aldo's and Beardsley's of this world?  I know that we would not be talking of a lack of a Premier league title.


As we prepare to take on Crystal Palace in my hero's own final home game, I'm filled with mixed feelings and a lot of gratitude. After today, I won't watch for his serene expression in the dugout or his smile when talking to the child who escorts him out; his grin and leap when he scores the impossible goal. I won't chant with the Kop at the top of my voice when he makes a move the "Ste Gerrard Gerrard" song. I am however grateful; that in my lifetime, I got to watch a legend who gave up personal ambition for club loyalty on 3 different occasions. A leader par exellence. A legend extraordinaire. The one who embodied "You'll Never Walk Alone" for me.
'Steven is more than just a footballer'
 My Mr. Liverpool. Steven George Gerrard. Farewell. Thank you for the memories. Good luck in all your future endeavors. I hope to see you back at the club you love in a coaching role soon.


  1. Wow. Wow. Wow.
    I came across this link from someone's twitter. I am not a Liverpool fan. However I have watched Gerrard avidly; I cussed him for not joining Chelsea.

    Now, why I am amazed is the knowledge you have of the man and football. I am so "in love" with your passion for the sport and your team Eky. Kudos. Chudi.

    1. Thank you Chudi.
      I'm wiping tears again as I read this post. I miss him.
      You're a Chelsea fan? Hmmmm, there ends our love affair o. *winks*

    2. Thank you Chudi.
      I'm wiping tears again as I read this post. I miss him.
      You're a Chelsea fan? Hmmmm, there ends our love affair o. *winks*