#TGIF; Of Friday Mayhem on Lagos Roads!!!

*Cues Music* "Thank God its Fridayyyyyyy".....

So R. Kelly's song is playing and you would think it is to set the tone for the proverbial #TGIF;yes? Time to let my hair down and have a semi serious work day. Drinks after 5pm, etc. I wish... It is a day packed full as usual (reports, mails, client resolution activities and visits and the likes). I have to type with one hand and much on my sandwich.....the things I do for you.....

     familiar scene,yes?
Until quite recently, I used to live the truth in the picture everyday, save for the weekends. Even some weekends were like this. But today is all about the Friday brand of crazy that goes on on Lagos roads. Lord have mercy. I have said this to my friends Ifeanyi and LL that Fridays in Lagos sees not just humans on the roads, but vampires, werewolves, witches and warlocks, lycanthropes, aliens (the friendlies as well as the "take-over-planet-earth" loonies from the planet of the Silver Surfer). All of them come out to play at the same time, every freaking FRIDAY. In my head, I picture that a silent alarm goes off around 5.30 pm; that's their signal to make lives more unbearable.

Stop and think about it for a nano second; how many times do you see the roads in Lagos as free as pictured below on a Friday afternoon?


Hardly ever; save for times of fuel scarcity. What's more mind boggling is the cause of all the mayhem. I mean you are stuck in traffic for 45 minutes and then eventually pass the spot where it began, only to discover it was some danfo driver(s) parked in the middle of the road to pick up passengers. Or two people (who should be apes really), having a shouting bout in the hot sun about an invisible scratch on the one's car. Or the pothole that started out small until it became wide enough to destroy your steering wheel; and you didn't see it because it was covered after the downpour. Then the traffic stint is made even more unbearable because we then go into a contest of "I sabi press horn pass you". Thus you add deafness to all the other ailments you pick up in traffic.

What would it take for us to become as civilized as we ought to be; respecting our fellow road users and minimizing the uncalled for road rage? I know it is possible because many of us become sane the minute we leave these climes anyway (save for those whose local Okija shrine is more effective than Okija; those ones can't be helped, sorry). The malaise has extended from just Lagos too, in my experience (where my PH and even Abuja people at?)

There. Am done ranting. Have a fantastic Friday with the creatures on the roads, yes? HUGS!!!!!!


Ill discipline is the major reason why the traffic situation in Lagos is dire!

An august visitor. True that; sad how we can treat our country shamefully and behave ourselves when away.
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