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Thursday, September 11, 2014

RAPE; Indecent dressing is no excuse!!!!!!!!

So it's a thought provoking Thursday for yours truly. I trust you all are doing great.

           .......shamefully, these words are true.

Quite recently, I have seen a number of arguments on the internet about rape and indecent dressing. Surprisingly, the ayes were greater than the nays in the polls as to whether indecent dressing by ladies is responsible for rape. It was and is still a shocker to me; as to why someone in their right mind will make any excuse for an individual who commits rape.

I am strongly of the opposing faction. That school of thought which believes that rape cannot be attributed to indecent dressing of any kind is where you'll gladly and happily find me. Truth be told, I find it a hypocritical statement of the highest category to attribute a girl/lady/woman's rape to indecent dressing. For the simple fact that we believe that men can be raped too (even without penetration). Let me examine the basics a little. 

Rape is a sexual assault on an individual without their CONSENT. So as long as the person does not agree to have sex or sexual relations with the other party, if sex occurs it will be rape. Irrespective of the existing relationship (whether espoused, affianced, boyfriend/girlfriend, sex-buddy, friends with benefits, etc). Thus, it has to be consensual.

Now if that is what rape is, how can women dressing indecently be held responsible for them being raped? When a 7year old girl (as recently reported) is raped by her uncle, do we say indecent dressing is responsible? The lady who was asleep in her house and burglars broke into her home and raped her, shall we say it is because of the nightgown/pyjamas she wore to bed that is responsible? Even the girl who goes to visit her boy bestie and he forces his attentions on her, is she wholly to blame? Then again, when guys go about sagging their pants and showing their boxers/briefs, how many of them have been raped as a result?

I understand the reason for caution and am all for dressing decently. I will also advise against visiting your male friend all by yourself if its a private visit. However, I also realize that many times, a certain amount of trust must have been attained for a lady to go and visit her friend by herself. It is now dependent on the said friend to betray or protect that trust.

What is more, a rapist is as sick as a voyeur or a person who is guilty of beastiality. Now how many persons can defend someone who's having sex with goats, cows, etc?

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  1. Wow.
    Strong sentiments you have expressed. I like the approach you've taken. Maybe that is because I feel the same way. Well done dear. Chudi