Female Bosses; The why's and wherefores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                             Remember her right?

So I am assuming that you have like me seen the movie "The Proposal". If you haven't, know that I am saying a prayer for you (what are you waiting for)? And with that, welcome to my world this lovely and cold Tuesday.

Back to the issue though. Sandra Bullock's character at the beginning of "The Proposal" was an all out, bitchy boss who couldn't be satisfied by anything her colleagues/subordinates did. Until she required the help of her subordinate to remain in the country as her visa had expired. She then had to, how do they say it, 'eat-her-humble-pie'. And Ryan Reynolds milked the experience by getting her to go on one knee and render the proposal.

     Another reference point would be Meryl Streep's character in "The Devil wears Prada". Bitch extraordinaire was her persona. Seems am in love with the movie examples today (I know). However, there are real life bosses who could very well have been those characters. That is not to say though that there aren't good female bosses. Most of the persons who have worked with Oprah Winfrey for instance, have said how nice she is. In Nigeria here too, I happen to know some fantastic female bosses (one of them is mine: the others I kept wishing to work with).

Now, many times women tend to get along better with the men and vice versa (blame that on the Elektra and Oedipus complex- that is a subject for another day). However, there are some men who complain about their bosses being mean/horrible to them. Like we saw in the proposal and Devil wears Prada, there are some ladies who do not know how to be any other way. Some of them treat their male colleagues even worse than the females. Shameful way to behave if you ask me, but it works for them. I have never and will never be an advocate of dehumanizing your fellow human in the name of chastisement.                                               

That being said, there have been and are some men who can not stomach anything their female boss says or does. Not as a result of boss' actions now, but as a result of their own ego which can not handle being under a woman's superiority and supervision. From such men, you hear statements like "I don't blame you", "I have your type at home" and so many other derogatory statements. The most common is to have them cast aspersions on the woman's morals and refer to her getting the job/position through sexual favours.

That in itself is a disgrace. Painful as it is and unbelievable to some people, we are still victims of a patriarchal society which has led to women being on the receiving end of such treatment. It should be looked into; behavioural patterns should be adjusted at both ends. Everyone has got an angel, a human and a demon within them; we usually show the side the other party attracts.

And for the through and through mean lady bosses, can we please bring the bitchiness down some notches? Thanks in advance.



This had me laughing and at the same time thinking. Your writing may seem playful, but evokes emotion. Well done.

Now, I have had both good and bad female and male bosses in my day. i can only hope you do one for the male bosses. Well done Eky.

Firstly, am sorry it took so long to reply you. And definitely, one for the male bosses is on the cards.