LUIS SUAREZ; Stay or Go???

So this time, am talking to a select few; call them the elite football lovers and you won't be far wrong. Yes, I meant the Kopites, Reds, Scousehearts, Liverpudlians, fans of LIVERPOOL FC all around the world (YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE). I also realize that am inviting a mini world war3 by my comments: and my response in advance is, BRING IT ON!!!

So, in the last two weeks or more, LFC fans the world have watched with growing trepidation and dismay, the drama surrounding the supposed exit of our boy wonder upfront, Luis Suarez to Real Madrid. I say supposed because there are yet to be any official statements issued to that effect. In typical KOP fashion, fans all over the world have passionately had their say. Opinions have been ventured and if the arguments in my chat group are anything to go by, I daresay voices have been raised.

Here's my 2cents on the matter; Luis Suarez is a world class striker with an excellent work rate. Like most geniuses, he has an attitude problem. He has even been treated unfairly by the English press during the 'racism issue': unfortunately, he set himself up as fodder for them with the unfortunate 'biting saga'. The press of course, went 'manic' with the issue.

What I don't understand is Suarez still setting himself up for his 'nemesis, THE PRESS' again; during the off season. It would have paid him better to watch his utterances, even if he truly desires to leave; work out his issues with the coach and the LFC management, then speak up, after the fact. Instead, he has drawn the ire of fans all over the world (who feel a huge sense of betrayal, especially after supporting him staunchly throughout his ordeals).

Whether anyone else agrees or not, LFC is a better side with him- Suarez in  it. And with the fortifications Brendan Rodgers is looking to make, he has a chance to make history and set the KOP back on the path to its winning ways and glory days. If he chooses to stay, that is. I know that us fans, including those screaming 'hell and high water', will welcome him back into the pride of place in all our hearts. If he chooses to leave, oh well. The club will adjust to life without Suarez. John Barnes summed it up perfectly in his admonishing 'love the club, not the players'.

I would go for the option of locking his teeth for a period, if he were to stay. For two reasons; to avoid anymore 'MISUNDERSTOOD COMMENTS'. The second one? Its a little too obvious, isn't it (chuckling)?

My fellow elites, let's hear your views.

P.S. To the others (am trying to be politically correct), whatever you say, we know you want him on your side, in spite of the antics you pretend to condemn, okay?



Just like one's intimate friend, one protects him/her till the very last moment of the relationship; Suarez is not an "ex" yet, so as a fan, this is easy to ignore.

Anyway, never knew you are one of "a very few traditional us".... Fortunately, the wonderful part of football is that you don't really know how underrated or overrated a player is till he is no more around or unable to delight you week-in week-out.

What captain-fantastic has been to Liverpool over the years, is what Suarez has been last season...for sure, he was the best Liverpool player last season and the second best in the league after the-best-we-all-know. 10 weeks without playing football is not the best weeks for any footballer so I don't mind if Suarez follows the money to reduce his "nemesis" (as you said), afterall football is a money business. But I do mind if B.Rodgers continues to destroy the TRADITION of a club we have loved for years with his recruitment, transfer stories and for sure on-the-field skillz.

If Suarez leaves this summer, it is non of our business because he is no longer with us. B.Rogders earned some points from me few times last season, it is our business that he earns more points for us next season.

And his recruitments should reflect that he really wants to earn points next season.


IMO, Suarez should show gratitude to LFC and stay one more year, then if we still don't get into the UCL, he can leave.

Come to think of it, he signed a contract extension less than a year ago. So why the sudden hurry to leave???

Almost all the Red fans around the world stood by him during his troubles. I argued with my mates (blindly), went against most things I believed in just to support a man the football world have tagged a villain. So it's sickening to know that he's throwing all that away for his selfish interest.

Currently, I've braced myself for his departure and I really want him to be sold. The proceeds of his sale should be used to get in a couple quality players.

We made him!

tired of the Suarez drama...he has become like a Mini Torres. Liverpool stood up for him despite his stupid acts, we sacrificed our image for him and he wants to leave. Abeg make em go...his career will tank like Owen and Torres...

Just watching to see how it unfolds. Thanks for stopping by. I hope to work with you someday soon.

Premier, I have been one since I was a child. I was not chastizing Suarez per say, I love what he can do and does; when he is not displaying madness. 10matches is too long to be away, granted; just as is biting from a grown individual. If he wants to leave, he should do it in the manner of the Kuyts, Maxi Rodriguez and Xabi Alonsos who came before and not in the manner of Judas one and two, Owen and Torres.
BR in my opinion, is doing good this seasonor summer, as far as recruitments and reinforcements go. Thanks for stopping by!!

Prof, I know how passionately you feel about this one. We are a better side with him in it. However, he isn't indispensable. And we didn't make him per say, just added to his credentials.Thanks for stopping by