Reacting to an Uncivil Tongue

Happy weekend people. This is a sequel to Keeping a Civil Tongue. Happy reading!!!

So him and her are having an argument; she says some particularly horrible things. Then, in mid-sentence, he pulls her closer and kisses her. They move unto other things, end of quarrel. Life is beautiful, right?

Wrong. That happens mostly only in movies, a la "One Tree Hill". Usually, the instinctive thing is to tell her back even more hurtful things, just to get her to put a lid on it. IT being her mouth.


Let us paint another picture. Imagine for instance, that an unknown lady walks up to you and rubs in the face the fact that she is having a 'thing' with your spouse/boyfriend/fiance/partner. Ladies, you know what comes to your mind right? Let me deal with this upstart, right here; tell her the history of her forefathers. (Una know now). We all get that one minute of mad thoughts, possible scenarios.


However, what good will it do on the long run? You get the temporal gratification of running your mouth loose and lose your sense of self respect, at the very least. Worse still, it could degenerate into fisticuffs; am sure the images of some of our 'HONORABLE MEMBERS' quarreling and being bodily removed from the 'HOUSE' is still with some of us. It remains with me, to this day.

Thus, the next time we are tempted to give anyone who has had the misfortune of being uncivil to us, a taste of their own medicine, let us be the bigger person and walk away. You will receive the rewards later, both from self and others.

Have a fabulous Friday, and no quarrels, okay? Cheers.