Character Assassination

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I trust it has been a great weekend and beautiful beginning to your week. Mine has been exhausting, yet exhilarating. Don`t ask me what I have been doing, can not spill the beans here....... Maybe in private...*winks

Unto something more serious. I had an encounter recently that made me ponder about the hows and whys of character assassination. Yes, it happens. What is more, a lot of us are guilty of it, without even realizing it. Classic example; you repeat Sister A`s tale about Sister C to Sister B, without ascertaining the other set of facts. As he who must not be named says to me, there are 3 sides to every tale; your side, my side and the TRUTH. Now Sister B begins to walk past Sister C with her nose upturned in the air.
 Most of the time, we are oblivious to the ripple effect of our speech (you may refer to it as gossip, gist, yarns, treating their f*@# ups, etc; we mean the same thing). We forget that we may create the wrong impressions about others with the things we say about them. Other people begin to look at them and refer to them in the same way; all because of a "supposedly-harmless-statement or conversation". People have been wrongly branded, even incarcerated based on hearsay.

It may not mean much to you; not until you find yourself at the receiving end of being assassinated by someone`s mouth. Even the Good book tells us that "the power of life and death is in the tongue". So the next time you find yourself in a corner of the office or school or church or party or market or club with someone/a group of people and are tempted to say, "So Esther told me that Lawrence bla bla bla bla..........." remember that you might just be killing someone. And HOLD YOUR TONGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Capisce?

 Have a fabulous evening everyone and stay out of trouble.


Serious Food for Thought.......Eky, thumbs up!!!

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