Feed Your Love This Valentine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello people,

So we are taking a detour today to do some advertising; well, kind of. But I just had to share my experience at a lovely restaurant I visited recently. Am not one for eating out much, particularly African meals, but this was just a wonderful treat. It is a delightful restaurant called UNUSUAL CUISINE, located at No. 46 Saka Tinubu Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. For all you club hoppers, it is under the club POP (formerly Jay-Jay Okocha`s Club 10). Now, am going to take a cue from Nora Roberts in her series of novels about food and desserts.

Any food afficionado knows that the ambience of a place is just as important as the food itself; as there is an anticipation the atmosphere creates, that heightens the pleasure/sensation on the taste buds. You will not be disappointed, as the interior is cosy; a fusion of ethnic and contemporary decor gives it a uniqueness, whilst retaining its warm and welcome feel that envelopes you when you step in. There are exclusive corners that afford privacy for the couples who want an intimate setting, as well larger arrangements for a party 4 or 6.

The offerings are a delight. Having grown up in the Niger Delta, it was a treat to see on display delicacies like Starch and Banga, Owo and Starch, Banga Rice, Black soup in addition to Plantain Hotpot, Ofada Rice and Stew, Efo riro. The best part of the display is that they were served in the native pot. WOW!!!!!! Other delicacies include Peppered snail, spicy chicken wings and chips, gizzard, goat meat in sauce, fresh fish pepper soup and a host of other tasty things to snack on. The meals are affordable. I did have a ball and am only just working off the additional kilos.

Since Valentine`s day is around the corner and a great many of you intend to go on dates, I`d recommend a visit to UNUSUAL CUISINE. It won`t cost you too much, as a special offer of dinner for two and a bottle of Martini Rose goes for N7, 000 only. Hurry and make your reservations.



Waiting for the next Valentine

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