The Mystery of the Holy Week!!!!!

Hey there,

So, its been a minute........ or more. Work blues, life and everything else got in the way. But here we are and I will do my utmost to write more often.

How have you all been? I trust you enjoyed your Valentine, are enjoying the Lent (which ends with this week). You missed my birthday; it was on the 6th. It was fun, and yes, we are still receiving gifts.........So send them across oh.

Let`s get into today`s business though. So its at this time a lot of persons go into sober reflection mode and try to make amends for their wrongs; whether real or perceived. People claim to forgive wrongs, trying to be Christ like. Do I blame them? Absolutely not. I think it is wonderful that we exercise our consciences at this time. 

I only wish though, that there would be an extension of this attitude; like all year round. I mean, won`t it be nice to be forgiven all the time by that meany friend, cousin, lover, sibling, colleague or whoever, who only does a Carte Blanche at this time of the year? Or would you not be glad to let go of the burden of unforgiveness all the time, instead of only during the Holy Week? Let`s all take time and consider this, shall we?

Have a wonderful Easter everyone. Never forget that Forgiveness is letting a prisoner free, only to discover that you were the one in prison all along......Eky.