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Tuesday, August 06, 2013


My people, how una dey? We don show wit anoder contributor o! Her name na Itohan. She go dey join our broda Daniel dey trowey tori on top our Pidgin English Corner. Make una enjoy the one wen she drop today. The tori na prose wen she write for woman  wen her man offend wel wel! Make una enjoi.



As I look back to the tym wen don pass, I just dey wonder how the rope wen hold us togeda take cut. Weda na the fact say you com dey too controlling? Abi na me com dey tolerate too much? Now, all dat one don pass. I no even send again.

We been get very strong love. We been get plans to old togeda. We been get dream to start family after our long honeymoon wen last three years. But now,  just three years into our marriage, we don dey  the edge of packing up. How you take let dis kind tin happen?

You don always yarn me how lucky you dey feel anytym wen you tink of me as your own. And anytym wen you tell me, I go tell you back the same tin. And by dat tym, you go com look me for eye, wrap me inside your hands, hands wen dey cover me safely, wen dey lock out all the crase of dis life. Around dose kyn time, I go feel so secure.

Now all the tin wen I feel inside na hatred. How all dis love take turn to hate? Why e com hard for me to forgive you as you take let the other woman com breeze thru? All the tym wen we spend togeda, we no just go thru life. Instead we grow togeda thru life. And we been dey hope to grow even more. Eveytyn na filmtrick? No, na for real, everytyn wen we get na for real.

Now all I fit do na to cry. Even as e hard for me to forgive you. My bodi and soul still dey push me near you. Abi, make I just forgive you and take you back. Oderwise, life no go ever make meanin to the two of us. Dem make us for each oder. Dat one no hard to know.

True forgiveness no be somtin wen I wan do for you alone, but for myself too. I dey do am so I fit live well and move on. I dey do am also bcos I no go ever fit love anoder man the way I take love you. I no ever understand the value of life and love until you make the difference inside my life.

Now all I fit think of, all I wan do, all of the tin wen all of my bodi want, na to collect dis man back into my life. So dat we fit grow old togeda, till we go breathe our last breathe.

Abeg forgive me my darling as I take make you beg tay like dis. I suppose don forgive you befor you even beg. Bcos I know say you go do the same tin for me. Abi, make I say forgive me as I no forgive you since.

And I go hapi wel wel to continue to be your wife, the mama of your children wen we go born, the one wen go be your helper thru all life ups and downs, and make we grow old togeda and love each oder till afta our hair don turn white.

And till we go breathe our last breathe.

Itohan Njeri


My people, una don read am. Hmmmm! Itohan, dis ur story na die. Na so so hmmmm I dey hmmmm for here since. Make una trowey una comment for box wen dey below.

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