LFC; 2005 UCL Final in Istanbul; Where were you and what did you do when we won?

Hullo my fellow REDS,


I recently came across a video compilation on Youtube, of that glorious day in LFC history. That scintillating match; where we came from 3 goals down in the first half, to equalizing within the 1st 6minutes of the 2nd half. And going to the last penalty kick by
Xabi Alonso, which denied AC Milan their 7th European cup and gave us our 5th. Seeing past and present REDS in that vibrant colour; Sami Hyppia, Djibril Cisse, Dudek, Luis Garcia, Milan Baros, Didi Hamman, Xabi Alonso, John Anne Riise. Of course our very own darling Steven Gerrard.

Hearing the crowd sing ‘Walk on, walk on’ along with Gerry gave the chills I tell you. It also set me down the path called memory lane. I got home from my base two days before and watched the match with my dad and uncle. At half-time when we were 3-0 down, I was mad and stormed off to sleep. Curiousity couldn't keep me away though, so when Uncle Joe called my name, I rushed back to meet the scoreline at 3-2. We virtually had a party after the match was over. It was the first time I would taste alcohol ever and in my dad's presence too.

Click here to view a clip from that glorious night. And tell me, what did you do when we won?

Love from me to you. YNWA!!!!!