Introducing NeedsHub!!!!!

NeedsHub is a free Self-shop brand where you can buy, sell, lease, rent, trade products/services/personal items or even showcase Ideas of Products and Services, in Nigeria. is a for community use brand from SGT, Nigeria.
                                    addresses a significant gap in current provision for online trading, transactions and communications for youth,young Entrepreneurs, business owners and interested audience within every community and beyond.
NeedsHub does not charge any fees but requires valid registration details before allowing you add content.


NeedsHub is safe with the Help tips & High level of Online participation.
It is the most convenient, easiest to use and most complete free
marketplace portal in Nigeria with wide coverage and Large Online Presence.
"NeedsHub connects people at the LOCAL!"


I got here after a search for nigeria classified sites, the site you write for has been updated i think, it has kind of a new look. i mean

Thanks Eky, nice write up