Maths; Woman + Sexual Frustrations = Nagging Wife!!!

Okay, this was part of my discourse with a wisdom coach recently and I thought to share; since he said it was an eye opener. Happy reading!!!


Until recently particularly in Nigeria and with the Easterners, a woman discussing sexual issues with anyone was practically unthinkable. Most times, it still is. I have taken a poll once as a student and found that most wives couldn't and still cannot discuss their sexual frustrations with their husbands. Thus they found other outlets and due to our nature as women, nagging becomes a favorite one.
My Psychology professors weren't off the mark; they were right. Have you met a sexually satisfied wife? As in really SATISFIED? She's the most relaxed and languid being on earth. She goes about her chores with a smile n is quite upbeat n cheerful; she's very chipper n nagging isn't high on her list of priorities!

Yes, PMS and pregnancy could also contribute to nagging being on the increase. However, some other women could become weepy, withdrawn or sullen. But with my own experience and from what Psychology has shown me, nagging about 70% of d time has its roots in some form of sexual frustration: either hubby isn't doing it right or is withholding sex from her. And she is usually unable to talk about. Or maybe she has been dropping what she thinks are hints but they haven't been taken seriously - in her opinion.

Some may nag as a result of financial frustrations: but its easier to broach finances than sex for a woman who has been brought up to view mentioning sex as a taboo.

An older friend once told me she hadn't slept on the same bed with her husband for 3 years. I asked her why she didn't lock the door the next time he came home n demand her rights - her response was, DO U WANT HIM TO SAY AM LOOSE? This was in 2011, so imagine my surprise.

Am I right or wrong? Let me know your opinion....



He is ma hubby fo' chrisake!!! If i want it...i let him know!! Its as simple as dah..